Maybe It’s A Tumor

This Just In continues to grow: I had three more countries joining this week: Malaysia, Korea and Finland.

Other interesting sites subscribed include the World Bank, the United Nations, Cray Computer, and the Library of Congress.

How did they find us? I asked. “alt.zines”, “rec.humor”, “my techie guru let me know about it,” “the ASIAN_LINK conference via Fido Net.”

The growth puts TJI at 21 countries on the distribution list — that I know of. The full country list as of this date, in order of their subscriptions:

1 USA, 2 Canada, 3 Singapore, 4 South Africa, 5 Netherlands, 6 U.K., 7 Denmark, 8 Sweden, 9 Australia, 10 Slovakia, 11 France, 12 Japan, 13 Belgium, 14 New Zealand, 15 Germany, 16 Ireland, 17 India, 18 Malaysia, 19 Puerto Rico, 20 Finland, 21 Korea.

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  1. This part simply continues to tickle me pink: seeing the US and Canada in the top spots is no surprise but what are Singapore and – this is the odd part – South Africa doing in the next two spots? Considering that the list of countries is chronological, this means that there were readers of True in South Africa before there were readers in obvious countries like Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan or even the UK!

    Most probably receiving True through some Fidonet feed, I’m quite sure I wasn’t the first subscriber from SA… or?

    Argh, it’s been too long a time – and still going strong.

    PS: Randy, I’ve never been much a fan of blogs either but have also only recently discovered that there is a benefit to their format.


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