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No Wonder He Liked It — He Was Brought Up on Fast Food

Gregory D. Green, who was out on bail after a drug arrest the day before, was arrested in Decatur, Ill., for driving with a revoked license. As the officer was searching Green before putting him in his patrol car, he spotted “plastic baggies that contained a green leafy substance in between his buttocks,” officer Adam Siefman’s report notes. Green wouldn’t hand over the green, however: instead, he grabbed the baggies, ignoring orders to “quit resisting,” and “was able to pull out the baggie of the green leafy substance from his buttocks, along with another clear plastic baggie which contained an off-white rocklike substance,” Siefman alleges, and stuff the bags into his mouth. “He managed to eat a portion of the green leafy substance and spit out the clear plastic baggie.” But the officer recovered enough evidence to charge Green with possession of both marijuana and cocaine. (RC/Decatur Herald & Review) ...And here he was telling his customers it was “good shit.”
Original Publication Date: 07 December 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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