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Obliviocy in the First Degree

James Cain, 61, of rural Sarasota County, Fla., called 911 to report that an intruder had been shot and killed — self defense, he said. He claimed Jason W. Head, 35, had shot at his son Robert, 32, and Robert returned fire, killing Head. Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies investigating the killing noticed the property had security cameras. Not working, they were told. They insisted on seeing the system, and sure enough, they worked fine. “We basically saw most of the incident that happened that night,” says Lt. Joe Giasone — including Cain and Robert chatting over Head’s dead body, and then putting a gun in his hand to show he had been a threat. Then it shows Racquel Pontbriand, 27, driving up and picking up Robert; she is Head’s former girlfriend. All three were arrested: James Cain, as “principal to second degree murder,” Robert, for second-degree murder with a firearm, and Pontbriand, for accessory after the fact. (RC/Sarasota Herald Tribune) ...Video cameras are put in to catch criminals. Sometimes they do.
Original Publication Date: 08 May 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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