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Obliviot, Save Thyself

Nicole Mayhorn and Chad Neal, owners of a gun shop in Oktaha, Okla., put up a sign declaring the store a “Muslim-Free Establishment”. “Our customers deemed it necessary," Mayhorn claims. “They wouldn’t feel safe being on a range with a Muslim practicing as well.” The owners say they started receiving threats soon after the sign went up, so an armed group of customers volunteered their time to stand guard. “We have been threatened, and my family comes first, before anything else,” Mayhorn said. “So my customers understand the need for the extra security because they don’t want anything to happen to us.” Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson was concerned about the self-appointed security guards. “I saw several of those gentlemen out there yesterday,” Pearson said. “The way they were holding their weapons, with the fingers on the triggers, you can tell a couple of these gentlemen have no idea about weapons safety. It’s like the Clampetts have come to town.” The sheriff would rather, “if they are true patriots,” that if there’s a threat, “call us and allow us to handle it.” Instead, one of the “guards” dropped his gun — and shot himself in the arm. (MS/KOTV Tulsa) ...See? They were right! Sure enough, no Muslims shot anyone.
Original Publication Date: 23 August 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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