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Peeping Tom

New York, N.Y., photographer Arne Svenson says his photographs are art, that they “are to be seen as representations of humankind.” But a couple of people who live in a Manhattan apartment across the street from his, and whose images appeared in his show “The Neighbors”, said the pictures are a violation of privacy. The pictures depict routine activities, even intimate ones, such as giving small children baths. And Svenson hid in the dark in his apartment to shoot them. But given that the photos were used as art, not advertising, that wasn’t outrageous enough to violate the law, a New York appellate court ruled; if the neighbors want to keep their windows uncovered without ending up in future editions of “The Neighbors”, they need to lobby the legislature. (AC/New York Daily News) ...Or perhaps do some art about Arne Svenson.
Original Publication Date: 26 April 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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