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Peter Robbins, 63, has been released from prison. The former child actor from San Diego, Calif., best known as the voice of Charlie Brown in various “Peanuts” TV shows in the 1960s, has been in trouble repeatedly for stalking, threatening, and parole violations. He has been ordered to stay away from alcohol and drugs, and to take anger management classes. To celebrate his release, Robbins had his tattoo of Charlie Brown and Snoopy touched up (“It’s a symbol to me of refurbishing my life,” he says), and he’s planning to write a book about his prison time. The planned title: Confessions of a Blockhead. (RC/KSWB San Diego) ...“I don’t feel bad for myself. I just feel bad because I ruined everyone’s Thanksgiving.” —Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
Author’s Note: For the earlier stories see “Good Grief” in Volume 19, and “What a Blockhead” in Volume 22. Robbins killed himself in January 2022.
Original Publication Date: 17 November 2019
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 26.

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