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A New York, N.Y., “product design company,” MSCHF, has introduced a new take on Nike’s Air Jordan shoes. Instead of air in the sole for a cushiony walk, they pumped the space full of a different kind of Jordan: water from the Jordan River, which is billed as “real holy water.” Since the shoes thus allow the wearers to “walk on water” they dubbed them “Jesus Shoes”, which are marketed with a modified version of the Papal seal, and sport a crucifix hanging from the laces. The company claims the shoes are a statement about “collab culture” — promoting businesses on limited edition shoes, which sell briskly to “hypebeasts,” young adults who want to impress their peers. “We wanted to make a statement about how absurd collab culture has gotten,” claims the company’s “head of commerce,” Daniel Greenberg. The Jesus Shoes are just the first of the company’s “biweekly drops,” he says. They made “about two dozen” pairs, and when they “dropped” they sold out within a few minutes — at $3,000 a pair. (RC/New York Post) ...It won’t appease the “That’s blasphemy!” crowd by calling them cross-trainers.
Original Publication Date: 13 October 2019
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