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Soddy Policing

Deputy Daniel Wilkey thought Shandle Marie Riley had meth, so he searched her and her car. In the process he found one joint — and the opportunity to grope Riley, which, according to court papers, the Hamilton County, Tenn., sheriff’s deputy took. Wilkey, the complaint says, called Riley a “piece of shit” and offered to baptize her. This, he said, according to her $11 million lawsuit, could save her — from going to jail. Wilkey took her to Lake Soddy and, after taking off most of his clothes (she would not do likewise), dunked her, according to the complaint filed against him, a colleague who attended the baptism, and the county. But despite his promise to do so, Riley’s lawsuit claims, Wilkey never interceded for her with the judge. (AC/Nashville Tennessean) ...“God is her judge,” he said.
Story Update: The lawsuit actually involves two deputies, adding Dep. Jacob Goforth. In addition to the lawsuit, Wilkey also faces multiple criminal charges. As of mid-2022 the federal lawsuit was still ongoing, though Riley won’t see any money even if she wins: she died in April 2022, from an overdose or, as the medical examiner put it, “fentanyl and methamphetamine toxicity.” Not surprisingly, Wilkey was featured in True again. See “Loose Canon” later in this volume.
Original Publication Date: 06 October 2019
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 26.

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