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Reasons to Call 911

“I have a serious problem,” the 911 caller said. “My neighbor sold me a deep freezer. I just opened it, and there’s a body in there, I think.” The caller had bought the freezer with the understanding that she couldn’t use it for a while because it was being used for a “time capsule,” but the seller said a church group would pick up the contents. After waiting three weeks for a church group that never came, the caller opened the duct-taped freezer. “I saw toes and a foot and ankle.” She slammed the lid, then opened it again and finally believed the corpse was real. Goldsboro, N.C., police said she was right — and they’re investigating, even though the medical examiner says the person died of natural causes, because the treatment of the corpse may have been criminal. (AC/Washington Post) ...It was certainly cold.
Original Publication Date: 19 June 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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