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Sisters of the Real Estate

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl show, when she rode a tiger and wore vinyl, did not favorably impress Sister Rita Callanan when she watched the video. But that wasn’t the problem. The superstar’s attempt to impress nuns by singing a gospel song she looked up the lyrics for on her cell phone wasn’t the issue either. Ultimately, for the 77-year-old nun opposing Perry’s $14.5 million offer came down to one thing: “It’s not the better deal. This is about money — control of money.” Sister Rita and at least one other of the five remaining Sisters of the Immaculate Heart decided to sell their old Los Angeles, Calif., convent to a developer instead of to Perry. The nun says the archdiocese is evading its financial responsibilities to the nuns of her dying order; she wants the nuns to control the sale and its proceeds. But a lawyer for the archdiocese, which took Perry’s offer, says it owns the land and the nuns’ deal is “99 percent dead.” The developer says he “100 percent” owns the land. The matter may be resolved by a court — or, Sister Rita hopes, by the Pope. (AC/London Guardian) ...Because if there’s one thing everyone knows Pope Francis cares about, it’s enriching people who’ve taken vows of poverty.
Original Publication Date: 19 July 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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