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One of the disadvantages of writing a text-only column is the inability to realize the potential of “a picture is worth a thousand words”. But then, that’s what web sites are for! It can make a cute story a hysterical story. From the 30 April 2000 issue of This is True:


The landlords of an apartment complex in Radeburg, Germany, say men using the toilets in the building are splashing the radiators, which is causing them to rust. Thus, they say, from now on men must sit down while urinating. No way, say residents. “I’m not going to let anybody tell me how I take care of business,” says one. “I’m going to carry on standing.” (Reuters) …The headline: “Men Say They Won’t Stand for Sitting Down”.

And here’s the lovely visual to go with the story:

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  1. Archaya, Indonesia April 25, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    CUTE! Rolling my head off laughing…why did I not discover you sooner?

    I am SO telling my friends about this on Facebook!


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