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The Future of Fast Food

According to witnesses, Dante Anderson, 36, walked into a Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Oklahoma City, Okla., where he screamed at employees to give him food. Unsuccessful in his quest, Anderson moved to an Arby’s, where he again screamed for food. Police say that he jumped over the counter, walked to the kitchen, forced an employee against a wall, grabbed a handful of bacon and chicken, and walked out, allegedly breaking the restaurant door as he left. Police later found Anderson lying on the ground outside a Taco Mayo restaurant. “I got bacon and chicken and I scared the lady,” Anderson reportedly told an officer. “She thought I was going to hurt her, but I was not.” Anderson also allegedly admitted to kicking several cars, and explained: “I am from planet Earth 2016 and am four years advanced on you, and you guys are always trying [to] kill me.” Anderson added that “On my planet Earth, everyone is dead and I walked here from there.” (MS/KOCO Oklahoma City) ...He’d have gotten here quicker if he’d driven one of the cars at 88 mph.
Original Publication Date: 24 April 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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