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This PKE Meter is Busted

A group of vacation ghost hunters were conducting a midnight search of Chambercombe Manor, a renowned haunted house in Ilfracombe, Devon, England, when they heard clanging sounds and saw sparks. Thinking the hunt organizers had set up a scare for them, the group investigated. But instead of ghosts, they discovered thieves who had stolen a 3.5-ton trailer. “A couple of the braver ones got closer and saw one of the thieves using a chainsaw to cut up a metal drain grill which the trailer had been padlocked to, which is what caused the sparks,” said Police Constable Mike Walker. The thieves had apparently towed the trailer from a yard to the secluded spot. “They had taken it through town, dragging this huge grating along with them — it must have made a phenomenal noise,” Walker said. “They must have woken a lot of people up, dragging this trailer through Ilfracombe at that time of night.” The ghost hunters, however, spooked the thieves and they fled, leaving the drain cover behind. Police are searching for the suspects or their vehicle. (MS/North Devon Journal) ...Their vehicle because they know they can’t put handcuffs on ghosts.
Original Publication Date: 19 April 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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