True Joins the Web

Nearly a year old, This is True didn’t even have a web site until this week.

I didn’t even have a domain yet: a reader who already had a web site set up offered to host a couple of pages of info, and I readily agreed. Thanks, Joe!

– – –

I did, though, make sure I could get the domain name when I was forced to come up with a new brand name — which was not on most company’s radars back in 1995.

The first capture of this web site by the Internet Archive, in late 1997. I “had to” get this from the Archive since even I didn’t keep copies of all of the different “looks” of the site over time.

It would be quite a while before it became trivially simple to host a site so I could I have it on my own server — let alone with my own domain name. After Joe, another friend with mad tech skills hosted the site for awhile, and later “server farms” made it easy.

– – –

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