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Wait — They Need Formal Training for This?

When a janitor retired, managers of an office building in Frankfort, Ky., recruited office employees to shovel snow. “This gives me great concern,” complained David Smith, the president of the Kentucky Association of State Employees. “There are people trained and hired to do such work, not these folks. This is so unfair.” Wait... the Association of State Employees? Yes: the office in question is the headquarters of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, the agency responsible for fair labor practices in the state. “Why in the world do they get office employees who are untrained in shoveling snow to do this?” Smith asked. Both male and female office employees were asked to “volunteer” to shovel snow. “If I don’t get any volunteers, I’ll have to make up a rotating schedule,” said Cabinet human resources manager Patricia Dempsey. “I’m wondering if any of the supervisors in the Labor Cabinet will be out there shoveling snow,” Smith said. (RC/Lexington Herald-Leader) ...That would be reasonable: they’re the ones with the most experience in shoveling stuff.
Original Publication Date: 21 December 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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