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Wasn’t Wearing His Bible Belt

The Tennessee Highway Patrol set up a sobriety checkpoint in Anderson County, and when Curtis Scott Eidam, 35, drove through, officers smelled alcohol. Eidam allegedly admitted he had drunk “four or five shots” of liquor. His passenger, a woman, was also “visibly intoxicated,” officers say. They asked the two occupants to step out of the car, and that’s when they noticed Eidam was wearing “red mesh hose, a small skirt described by one officer as a ‘tutu,’ and a ribbon tied in his goatee.” Then it got weird. When Eidam was arrested for drunk driving after failing a sobriety test, he told officers he needed two keys: one from his key ring, and one from his female companion’s necklace. For what? The chastity belt he was wearing under it all. (RC/WYSH Clinton) ...Which is why he needed four or five shots of courage to go out into public.
Original Publication Date: 26 June 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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