Weird News Video #15 — Little People

Episode #15: “A Politician Voters Deserve” (aka, Ode to the “Little People”), from True’s 14 September 2008 issue.

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A Politician Voters Deserve

Tennessee State Sen. Ophelia Ford was upset at new state fees for funeral directors. She complained in a hearing the fees “eat us up and put us out of business.” Ford, who is a licensed funeral director, demanded that the state regulators disclose who imposed the new fees. “What about the little people? Where’s this money going to? Who ate it up?” she shouted. “I detest what they are doing.” The reply from the Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers: the fees were forced on them by the legislature, and Ford voted for the bill. Twice. (Memphis Commercial Appeal) …Be careful what you ask for: you may just get it.

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Weird News Video #15 -- Little People
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