Weird News Video #17 — Politically Incorrect

Episode #17: “Politically Incorrect”, from True’s 28 September 2008 issue.

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Politically Incorrect

Gerry Ritz, Canada’s Federal Agriculture Minister, has apologized for his gallows humor after a breakout of listeria, which has been traced to contaminated cut meats and cheeses. “This is like a death by a thousand cuts — or should I say cold cuts?” Ritz cracked during a conference call updating scientists and bureaucrats on the outbreak. When told of yet another death, this time on Prince Edward Island, he replied, “Please tell me it’s [opposition M.P.] Wayne Easter.” Ritz said his “couple of spur-of-moment offhand comments” were made during “a highly stressful time,” but admitted his jokes “were tasteless and completely inappropriate.” Easter has called for Ritz to resign. (Toronto Star) …But where is the outrage of Ritz trying to take the jobs of news commentators and late night comedians?

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