Weird News Video #2 — Icebreakers

Episode #2 : “Icebreakers”, from True’s 15 June 2008 issue.

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As the McMurdo research station in Antarctica gears up for winter and the staff of 125 researchers gets ready to endure constant darkness, supplies are rushed in to hold them over. “There are some people that tend to get a little bit bored” during the six months of isolation, says McMurdo’s manager, Bill Henriksen. “But for the most part, people who come down here know how to occupy their time.” Something that might help relieve the boredom was included in one of the last deliveries made before winter: 1,374 boxes of condoms — a total of 16,488 rubbers. “This is for the year ’round,” Henriksen quickly added, “not for the 125 people we have here in the winter.” (Christchurch [N.Z.] Press) …Which is why only 10 percent need to be glow-in-the-dark.

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Weird News Video #2 -- Icebreakers
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