Weird News Video #46 — First and 10-to-20 Years of Hard Time

Episode #46: “When You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail”, from True’s 19 April 2009 issue.

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When You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

Two burglars had a hard time breaking into a house in St. Petersburg, Fla., which we know because a security camera caught the whole thing. The two men worked on a sliding glass door with a crowbar for 15 minutes without success. In desperation, one of the burglars backed up and rushed the door like a football linebacker. He bounced right off, and rolled around the home’s backyard, holding his head in apparent pain. After walking it off for a few minutes, the criminal conspirators then threw a brick through a window and got in — but left empty-handed when they didn’t find anything they wanted to steal. (Tampa Tribune) …Huh: I would have thought the skinny linebacker would have gladly paid $100 for the bottle of ibuprofen on the kitchen counter.

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3 Comments on “Weird News Video #46 — First and 10-to-20 Years of Hard Time

  1. Under the category of “Stupid Human Tricks”, this rates as AWESOME. I could spend hours searching YouTube for video footage like this, and still never get enough. Thanks Randy!

  2. I saw this from another source. One additional piece of information, regarding why they might have “given up”, was that, when the brick broke the window, it set off a loud alarm.
    And yes, you have JUST the right voice to narrate these.


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