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What’s in a Name?

Mark Pitt, 44, says he is trying to clean up the streets of Clacton, Tectring, England. His first step: he legally changed his name to Obi-Mark Kenobi. “Obi Wan Kenobi was a great person, a Jedi,” Kenobi said. “I changed my name for a new start. I want to stop the damage being done in Clacton: the drugs, violence, people preying on the vulnerable.” Unfortunately, his clean-up actions landed him in court. Kenobi allegedly chased some youths while armed with a shovel. A witness said she heard Kenobi shout, “I am going to cut everyone’s head off in Clacton because they are all nutters!” In a statement to the press, Kenobi confirmed: “I am going to cut your head off. I will do anything I can to help out but I have never hurt anybody. I have decided to use ‘the force’ rather than actual force.” Officials have taken the shovel away from him. (MS/Colchester Gazette) ...Vigilantes: substituting one Force for another since a long time ago.
Original Publication Date: 10 January 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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