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When a City Goes Broke

Because of its financial troubles, Detroit, Mich., can only maintain half of its city parks and playgrounds. That’s why Tom Nardone runs the Mower Gang: a group of volunteers who gather every other week to mow or clean a park. “Because people need us,” the group’s Facebook page explains. “Because no one else is going to get the job done. Because we like to use the word because.” Nardone works hard to attract volunteers and keep the projects fun. That’s why the group held the Blindfold Mowing Olympics at a 10-acre park called Hammerberg. Six contestants were blindfolded and tried to mow the straightest line. Two contestants made an “X” in the field as they crossed each other’s paths, while two others mowed perpendicular to the required direction. “I could have sworn I was going straight,” said contestant Jim Coffman. Since Coffman’s line was the least crooked, he won the first race. His prize: the used blindfolds. “I tried to make it sound like fun, and they fell for it,” Nardone said. “Safer than a Blindfold Weed Whacker Competition,” said one observer. (MS/Detroit News) ...It’s also safer than blindfolded financial management.
Original Publication Date: 22 May 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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