Bonzer Debut

I’ve added a new weekly feature to True: the “Bonzer Web Site of the Week” has been added just above the Honorary Unsubscribe. I accept site suggestions for this feature only from Premium subscribers (yes, I’ll be checking).

It’s OK to submit your own site if it’s indeed “cool” — er… bonzer. See the link at the end of the feature for details. And yes, it will run in the Premium edition first, so Premium subscribers get first shot at it before the sites get bogged down by the Teeming Masses of free edition subscribers.

Just email me your nomination at the address this issue comes from. I can’t make any promises — I can only talk about 52 sites a year! — but I’d rather get the wide-ranging views of what you think is excellent rather than go hunting from my singular point of view.

– – –

2007 Update: It’s been more than four years now since I created the “Bonzer” section. The idea was for me, as a large, independent, and reasonably influential publisher, to encourage other independent sites to support each other. My urging independents to help each other compete against huge media outlets (just one example: MySpace is owned by the gigantic News Corp.) has mostly been ignored, and the big media companies are sucking in an ever-larger percentage of online traffic. Eventually, I gave up on the idea.

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