At Least She’s Smiling

From the 28 September 2003 newsletter:


Librarians are protesting a new “action figure” being released by Archie McPhee and Co. of Seattle, Wash. The $8.95 doll, complete with “amazing push-button shushing action!”, is “a lovely idea and a lovely tribute to my chosen profession,” says librarian Nancy Pearl, 58, whom the doll is modeled after. But other librarians don’t like it one bit. “The shushing thing just put me right over the edge,” says Diane DuBois of the Caribou (Me.) Public Library. “It’s so stereotypical I could scream.” (AP) …Hey! What part of “shush” don’t you understand?

And here’s the photo to go with the story:


6 Comments on “At Least She’s Smiling

  1. Ha!

    I got one of those for a friend of mine many years ago when she was working at the library. It’s hilarious and she loved it!

    Apparently she has a sense of humor, then! -rc

  2. Well, since I have a set of boxing nun puppets from Archie McPhee, I don’ think I’ll be offended by a potentially flashing librarian. Actually, I might be a bit titillated if she just opens that blouse a little wider, just like all the librarians that come over to my house do.

    Um, Korey? That’s shushing librarian, not flashing librarian. -rc

  3. The people with no sense of humor seem to be the loudest and tend to be greatly insulted when people disregard or laugh at their self-righteous indignation.

    I hope the protest increases sales.

    I stopped buying Vermont Teddy Bears as gifts when they succumbed to protests over a bear in a straight jacket labeled “I’m crazy for you”.


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