Why oh Why2K?

or, Ponderings on the New Millennium

“I would like to take you seriously, but to do so would affront your intelligence.” –William F. Buckley, conservative newspaper columnist.

It all started as a bit of musing in my author’s note in the first issue of the year 2000. Then, the more comments from readers I published, the more they streamed in. Let’s recap. In the issue published 7 January 2000, I pondered:

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Fork U!

I was apparently the first “Guest Columnist” on the interesting web-site-quality-really-needs-improvement site, “Fork in the Head” (“Because flawed web sites deserve a fork in the head”), which offers lessons in improvement called, yep, “Fork University”. I (let’s hope) supplied some words of wisdom about appealing to a wide audience.

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Another Myth Dispelled

This is Not an Emergency: I’ve had quite a few hysterical people send me an ‘urgent’ notice that “we” “must” flood the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in order to make it known that we Do Not Want to allow the telephone companies to be able to charge by the minute for Internet access.

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