Weird News Video #42 — Facebook Addict

Episode #42: “Virtual Life”, from True’s 22 March 2009 issue.

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Virtual Life

Cory R. Kinney, 19, really wanted to check his Facebook account. He allegedly approached another customer using a laptop computer at a Starbucks in Ellenton, Fla., and asked if he could use it. The man said no, so Kinney allegedly grabbed the computer and ran out the door. Two bystanders tackled Kinney, who was arrested for robbery. He allegedly told officers he “just wanted to do a crime that did not hurt anyone.” (Sarasota Herald Tribune, Bradenton Herald) …What do you want to bet that Facebook is the only place he has any “friends”?

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2 Comments on “Weird News Video #42 — Facebook Addict

  1. I am really surprised that the coffee drinking man didn’t get b*tchslapped in that commerical!! One upside his head with a coffee pot and I would have added “brew your own damn coffee you lazy bum!”

    Things have certainly changed in the past few decades, eh? (Plus: *instant* is supposed to be good?!) -rc


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