Weird News Video #41 — Not Weird Enough to Be True

Episode #41: Truth is Stranger than Fiction Because Fiction Has to Make Sense — An Example — from True’s 15 March 2009 issue.

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2 Comments on “Weird News Video #41 — Not Weird Enough to Be True

  1. Outtakes rule! That made the vid.

    As for YouTube strategy, your procedure is the way to go. Delete and repost. Unless you’re a media giant you won’t get their attention. As you’ve learned, the partner status works in only one direction.

  2. I have to complain about your video, the outtake at the end caused me to choke on my coffee.

    I’m still laughing as I type this!! And I can’t quite see properly because of the tears in my eyes!

    Gosh I needed that.


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