Duct Tape Robber

In last week’s issue there was the story of an alleged robber who wrapped his head in duct tape as a disguise. But I forgot that I had photos of this brain surgeon to show you! But first, the story, from the 9 September issue:

We See You Too

A robber who stepped into Shamrock Liquors in Ashland, Ky., had a unique idea to hide his identity: he wrapped his head in duct tape. Store manager Bill Steele also had some duct tape — wrapped around a club, which he used as a weapon to repel the intruder. Another employee chased down the robber and held him for police, who pulled off the tape. Luckily for Kasey G. Kazee, 24, it was hot that day, and his profuse sweat kept the tape from pulling off all of his hair — or his skin. He has been charged with first-degree robbery. (AP) …Those brutal cops! They should have taken him to a nice, air-conditioned hospital to wait for a doctor to remove the tape.

And here are the photos (click to see larger):

Robber with duct tape on face.
Robber after police pulled tape off.
And after.

Story Update

Kazee today. Or, as he’s better known, 220611. (Prison photo: click to see larger.)

In April 2008, Kazee pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery. The next month Boyd Circuit Court Judge David Hagerman sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

Thanks to Andrew in Texas for pointing out an update to the update. It appears that Kazee committed another robbery — in prison.

Prison records show he was denied parole on 27 June 2014, and ordered to serve out his original sentence (presumably until 2018). But there’s a “crime date” of 1 December 2014 for another robbery, and this time it’s first degree. It shows a conviction date of 8 May 2015 and a fresh 12-year sentence, and shows he is “expected” to remain in prison until 19 May 2028, and is not even eligible for a parole hearing until 13 February 2025. The maximum date he could held to is 17 October 2029 …unless he commits more crimes.

So he’s really stuck.

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16 Comments on “Duct Tape Robber

  1. What’s even crazier about this culprit is that he tried to deny he robbed the store. I can’t find the link anymore (I believe I might have actually seen it on our local news here in middle Tennessee), but he said the real robber ran by him and the store employee tackled him (mistaken identity, after all, duct-tape wrapped heads all look alike).

  2. When people say that duct tape can be used for nearly everything, don’t take their word. Obviously, the liquor store owner had a better use for it.

  3. The dumb SH** !!! The same thing happened down here in FL a couple of weeks ago, except that JERKO got away with it. What’s next — ? Will they outlaw the sale of duct tape now, along with guns?

    Remember the TRUE saying: When guns are outlawed, only OUTLAWS will own guns!

  4. I saw this news story on the local Dallas NBC station. The bandit had some words for the public while being held in jail. He said “Do I look like the type of guy who would be the Duct-tape bandit, baby?” The ridiculousness of that statement is that he was caught with the duct tape on his face!

  5. What a Drongo but thanks for the laugh guys. I am forever finding out there are more and more idiots in this world even some of dummest want to be criminals continue to surprise me with the heights of utter stupidity they strive for, this story cracked me up what a great laugh.

  6. Everybody’s missing the point here. Do you have any idea how much money this guy is gonna make suing people? The police, the liquor store, the employee that helped chase him down, the duct tape manufacturer?? I’m sure there were no warnings on the package, alerting him that putting duct tape on your hide while attempting a robbery will cause pain & suffering upon removal. He’s gonna make a million. Possibly enough for a new set of lips….

  7. Faye would have a nice point, if the *person* had the insight to think about it. He doesn’t. Its sad what the bored idiots here will come up with. I’m sadly ashamed and want to assure you that not all of us are that dumb, I promise! I swear you should have to pass a test b4 you are allowed to breed….

  8. The guy is obviously a redneck. Duct tape…get ‘er done. I wrap my head with duct tape all the time just to see how many rolls it takes to go around 1000 times. Try it. it’s fun. And it doesn’t hurt coming off.

  9. Crazy, yet a creative perpetrator. The world weird records will list such people for their stupidity and endeavor. Who cares about consequences from a distant point!

  10. Just as a follow-up:

    He’ll have 10 years to consider what he did wrong. I am guessing he will use a different brand of duct tape next time!

    One hopes. That’s 10 years for second-degree robbery. They’re pretty tough in Kentucky. But then, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time,” eh? -rc

    • He would be out by now, almost certainly, had he not committed a SECOND offense in prison.

      Good idea to check there! I’ll add details to the story update. Thanks. -rc

  11. Craig, on World’s Dumbest, he was blathering stuff like, “Do the math! Do I look like a “Duct Tape Bandit?”

    (Sadly, the only answer? “Yes!”)

    Can’t expect much from an obliviot. -rc


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