Funny YouTube Irony

Something fairly funny happened with a recent video, which was about a homophobe politician running for re-election while under the cloud of felony indictments over his first election.

YouTube collects a lot of statistics about who watches the videos, and where — after all, they’re owned by Google, which seems to crunch more data than the National Security Agency.

Wait… What?

They even let peons like me look at some of the data, and I was looking at the list of “Where people watched this” …and was floored to see that one of the places it was seen was on that politician’s — Brent Rinehart — official campaign web site! I was boggled until I investigated to see how that could be.

I found that Rinehart had embedded a YouTube video of himself on his site giving some sort of speech. Then I realized what happened, and I started laughing — hard. When a YouTube video ends, it presents suggestions for “Related Videos”. One that YouTube considered “related” was mine, and some of the visitors to his site watched my video on his site.

This is how YouTube works by default, so it’s not like he’s stupid or something that my video came up there (though there are ways to stop that from happening, if one is savvy enough to pay attention to the details). But the irony of him hosting my video slamming him on his own site for a visitor there to see is absolutely delicious.

Here’s the video:


Rinehart decisively lost in the primary election. It was a three-way race, and he came in third with 21 percent of the votes. Still, that means 1,900 people voted for him. Welcome to the 21st century.

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7 Comments on “Funny YouTube Irony

  1. That is absolutely hilarious. I live in OK county, so if I receive the comic book I’ll forward it on to you if you’d like.

    BTW-I’ll be voting for the other guy – no matter who that guy/gal happens to be.

    I’d love a “real” copy. All I have is a PDF. -rc

  2. “As opposed to Ear Sodomy.”

    C’mon Randy, I can cope with spewing beer all over the keyboard, but a belly laugh like that is going to wake the kids, and if that happens my ass is grass.

    I know you’re funny, but when you get extremely so you gotta warn people!

    I thought my best bit was “Oklahomos”.

  3. My new (as well as my old) flexi keyboard is waterproof but when I saw what the video was about I knew I should not be drinking anything while I viewed the video.

    I’ve been ‘exposed’ well to OK politics despite the fact I live in Kansas City, MO–I have family living there and often get a ‘do you believe this?” email.

    Deserves to get his arse kicked if that is the pathetic best he can do.

  4. This is GREAT!!! Maybe you could do a whole series of this sort of video, since so many politicos are using YouTube as a campaign tool. (Hm. What if I happen to LIKE a particular politician you pilloried???) 😉

  5. Thanks to Randy, the rest of the country gets to laugh at that pathetic geek Rinehart. Unfortunately, Brent’s speech was so poorly made (not unlike his comic book) that it was mostly unintelligible, but I think we get the idea. It is always great fun to see yet another Republican bigot go down in flames…when will they ever learn?

    Thanks, Randy, for sharing this twit with the rest of us! Now let us know what jail they ship him off to…where Bubba will be “learnin’ him the joys of anal sodomy.”

  6. “(Hm. What if I happen to LIKE a particular politician you pilloried???)” – Mekhong Kurt, Bangkok

    Hey, if a politician I like is doing something shady, I’d like to know about it. If it’s shady enough, I might decide to stop liking that politician (which is the point of a pillory, of course).

    It might hurt to find out that someone I thought was a good politician is actually hiding things, but, in America at least, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

  7. “(Hm. What if I happen to LIKE a particular politician you pilloried???)” – Mekhong Kurt, Bangkok

    Make a video praising and/or defending him. It should also show up as a “related link”. You Tube drastically lowers the entry costs of doing this sort of thing. (For good or ill.)


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