Weird News Video #8 — Cow Gas Tanks

Episode #8: “Got a Light?”, from True’s 27 July 2008 issue.

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Got a Light?

Scientists in Argentina say methane holds in 23 times more heat than carbon dioxide, and is a neglected culprit in global warming. To try to quantify how much the country’s 55 million head of cattle contribute to the problem, the researchers have mounted fart collection tanks on the backs of cows to measure the gas they emit (no, really!). Early results from the Argentine National Institute of Agricultural Technology and the Argentine National Council of Scientific and Technical Investigations show that the average cow blows out 800 to 1,000 liters of the flammable gas per day, and that feeding them clover and alfalfa instead of grain reduces emissions by about 25 percent. (London Telegraph) …So the mythical cow didn’t so much “jump over the moon” as it was rocket propelled.

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