Kit on the Camino

I’ve mentioned here and there that my wife, Kit, is walking the Camino de Santiago — the “French Way,” starting in Saint Jean De Pied De Port, France, over the French Pyrenees to Pamplona, Spain, and then west to Santiago. The trek is about 800km, or around 500 miles. Plus any walking around to get dinner or see sights. She has been doing 17+ miles a day, and is most of the way through — less than 100 miles to go.

Kit at the Castillo de Los Templarios — the castle of the Knights Templar — in Ponferada, León, Spain, along the path of the Camino.

Here’s what amazes me, beyond the iron fortitude to successfully take on that kind of challenge: we can not only speak to each other, for free (when she has an Internet connection, which is almost daily), but she has been uploading her photos every day too, so I can see her highlights just about every day, and post some to her friends who are following along. For her security that page is private, but here’s a sample photo of her at the Knights Templar castle.

The “why” the Knights were there is interesting. They began to settle in the region during the 12th century. Ponferrada was given over to the Knights by King Alfonso IX with the mandate that they protect the pilgrims who were walking the Camino de Santiago through León.

So yeah: this walk goes way back.


Everything she needs for walking 500 miles is resting on her shoulders. (Several have asked what kind of hiking boots she chose. She didn’t! She’s wearing Xero Shoes — the frequent free edition sponsor. Specifically, the “Prio” style*, which she used for her training, too, so they have at least 1,000 miles on them by now.)

The yellow shell (in the photo) is the symbol of the Camino, and the yellow arrow (mostly cut off) points the way toward Santiago. I got a chuckle a few days ago when she said she doesn’t feel like she’s losing weight with all that walking …though her pants are getting looser!

One of the friends virtually following along is Bill, here in Ridgway (and a Premium subscriber). On Saturday he commented, “You are married to one tough lady.” Yes — yes I am. And she’s married to one proud husband.

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3 Comments on “Kit on the Camino

  1. You do both realize that after Kit finishes this venture, she’s going to need to walk 500 more, right? 😉

    She doesn’t have to go back to the start to catch her plane home. 😀 -rc

  2. Congratulations to your wife. I hiked parts if the Camino twice. As she has gotten to within 100 miles of Santiago she is doing great.

    Once she got started, I had no doubt she would make it! -rc

  3. One of my friends is doing this at the moment as well. He is about day 10 I guess now. He is the volunteer medic for his group. I know there must be many groups on the trail at any one time but I guess you never know.

    I’d guess Kit is at least 600 km (375 miles) ahead of him…! -rc


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