It’s Not a Bird, It’s Not Plane, It’s Vaginaboy!

NOTICE: As you already know from the page title, Includes NSFW Photo

Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. From True‘s 4 November 2001 issue:

There’s Something About Christian

High school senior Christian Silbereis, 17, of Ann Arbor, Mich., said his mom approved of him borrowing the Halloween costume she made for herself, even though she warned him it might be trouble. So he did it: he went to school dressed in her giant vagina costume. “It’s anatomically correct,” he said. And why would it be trouble? “It’s just another body part. They teach us about it in school.” But Community High assistant dean Maggie Jewett said her staff felt “demeaned and outraged” by the boy’s costume and suspended him for two and a half days. On the other hand, at the school costume contest Silbereis’s outfit won first place, “wild applause,” and a petition signed by 85 students objecting to his suspension. (Ann Arbor News) …It wasn’t actually the costume that caused the trouble. It was that he hung around all day with the girl dressed in a trash bag billed as a giant condom.

Pretty in Pink

Christian Silbereis
The Best Photo I could find. Maybe someday Christian will send me a better one.

4 Comments on “It’s Not a Bird, It’s Not Plane, It’s Vaginaboy!

  1. All I can say is that boy demonstrated an incredible quantity of male genitalia by wearing that costume in public. Good for him. Nobody ever changed the world by following the crowd.

  2. My girlfriend and I went to an adult Halloween party posing as a vulva and erect phallus and won the prize there too. I guess lots of folks are interested in genitalia.

    My dad was born in that town, but he was a Junior at U of M when he was 17 and writing for the Michigan Daily, so it would not have been the same circumstances for him even if he had done the same thing at that age.

    When the sweet young thing asked her date about the sculpted object on the mantle, he replied that it was a phallic symbol. She responded that he’d never guess what she though it looked like.

  3. Years ago an Italian art student won a first prize during Venice’s famous Carnival for coming dressed as female genitalia. The next year he was *arrested* for dressing as fully articulated male genitalia!

  4. OK, your “taglines” are typically right up there with some of the first thoughts out of my (admittedly, rather snarky) mind, but the “girl dressed in a trash bag billed as a giant condom” was absolutely priceless!

    Are your tags “stream of thought”, or do you have to think of these things for a bit? I’m guessing probably a bit of both….

    Yep: a bit of both. Sometimes they come to me in a flash, and other times I have to think about them. -rc


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