Weird News Video #27 — Booby Trap

Episode #27: “Keep Your Nose Clean”, from True’s 7 December 2008 issue.

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Keep Your Nose Clean

Police in Uganda are warning men to watch out for a gang of robbers using a “booby trap” in bars. Women are putting chloroform or other sedatives on their chests and apparently encouraging men to snuggle up to their cleavage. “We have found victims in an unconscious state,” said Criminal Investigations Directorate spokesman Fred Enanga. “And the victim doesn’t remember anything. He just remembers being in the act of romancing.” The victim is typically completely stripped, Enanga said, so that “everything is taken from him.” (AFP) …It’s getting pretty serious: one poor guy has been robbed by the gang five times in the last week.

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1 Comment on “Weird News Video #27 — Booby Trap

  1. I spewed beer on the screen again (the sumo wrestler cleavage got me by surprise! I thought the easter eggs were supposed to come at the end!)

    Anyway, I gotta say, when you started this service I thought the videos were “ok” (back when you had that cute girl reading them, where did she go?), but since you have taken over yourself, they have grown exponentially. good -> superb -> brilliant and beyond.

    Thanks much, Tony. This blog entry (with even more details in the comments) has more about what happened to the “cute girl”. -rc


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