Weird News Video #32 — Please Don’t Be Annoyed

Episode #32: “Stop That!” from True’s 11 January 2009 issue.

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The background photo is a shot Randy took at the Ouray Ice Festival.

4 Comments on “Weird News Video #32 — Please Don’t Be Annoyed

  1. And be sure not to say anything in a city Council meeting which could be critical of a member of the Council. Otherwise you might annoy that council member, and you would find yourself on the receiving end of a police citation!

  2. Man, this ought to do wonders for the removal of billboards, and other signs… after all, they certainly are annoying!

    Or, what about politicians walking down the street? The are REALLY annoying!!!

    Say…who gets to decide, anyway?

  3. What a bunch of dummies. Talk about an annoying ordinance. Let’s see, what is annoying? Stupid councilmen and women that pass something and they have no idea of the ramifications of what they just passed. So, really we could just have the police that have absolutely nothing better to do, write citations to anyone that works for city, state or federal government. After all these are the people that are the problem in the first place.

  4. Wow… open the floodgates. I can’t remember the last day I was not annoyed by at least 1 person throughout the course of the day. It would be even funnier if it didn’t remind me of the complete waste of protoplasm & oxygen that politicians truly are…


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