Weird News Video #43 — Wisconsin Hillbilly

Episode #43: “So She’s Loadin’ Up the Truck for a Move to Bev-er-lyyyyy”, from True’s 29 March 2009 issue.

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So She’s Loadin’ up the Truck for a Move to Bev-er-lyyyyy

When officials in South Milwaukee, Wisc., learned that a city family had a dwarf goat as a house pet, they ordered the family to get rid of it. “She’s not really a goat,” declared Gail Krug, refusing the order. “She’s part of our family,” though, she admits, “I hate telling people I have a goat in my house because they look at me like Elly May Clampett.” After an appeal to the city Board of Health failed, Mrs. Krug announced she’ll be a write-in candidate for the upcoming city council election. Pets can be “stand-in children,” she said in her announcement. “How would you feel if you were told your child was being removed from your home based on an uninformed, closed-minded opinion of someone who had never been in your home?” The alderman she’s running against noted that aldermen have no influence over Board of Health policies. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) …So, she’s more of a Jethro Bodine than an Elly May Clampett.

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7 Comments on “Weird News Video #43 — Wisconsin Hillbilly

  1. This is actually happening around the country. Someone had a pet miniature goat in Arlington – it helped keep the grass short and they liked it as a pet.

    Then the “I have no control over rules and regulations” people made them get rid of it.

    I don’t know what a modern review would find, but it might well find that some of these pot-bellied pigs and miniature goats are better than many of the dogs out there.

  2. I was going to write Randy and ask if his title person was from Oregon, and if so, must be forgiven! For those of you who don’t get it, Oregon has it’s own Milwaukie, and we spell it correctly.

  3. This is a rather presumptuous bit of elitist bigoted trash. How about showing a picture of the actual woman and her actual home?

    I didn’t compare her to Ellie May, she compared herself. You must think I’m near Milwaukee and can pop over there and take photos. Yeah, I’m in the Coloraddy Territory, but contrary to your presumption it isn’t all that close. -rc

  4. I live fairly near them and the critter is small and rather cute. Looking at the article as an outsider, yeah, it does sound rather “hickish” but locally it does hurt a bit to be the butt of ridicule. No pun intended. The political side of the story is in the same vein as the kid being kicked out of school for having an allergy pill in their locker. Does anyone question that elected officials can be absolute “asses”? Yet they are allowed to live in the city.

    You don’t “allow” them in, you invited them in by electing them! -rc


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