Weird News Video #44 — Integrity, Schmegrity

Episode #44: Define “Integrity”? — from True‘s 5 April 2009 issue.

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3 Comments on “Weird News Video #44 — Integrity, Schmegrity

  1. Even funnier than your comment, Drew … was that the ad that YouTube decided to slap on this particular video was for Bing’s own campaign website!

    I don’t know who Drew is, but that’s pretty funny! And I’m amazed that the Bing campaign would be so dumb as to pay for ad impressions to show people in Tennessee, since you wouldn’t be able to vote in the Detroit mayoral election. -rc

  2. Randy, I’d love to see you do a followup video on the adventures of Kwame Kilpatrick because there’s something strange in that Detroit water supply. Kilpatrick, whom you mentioned as the felonious mayor Bing wishes to replace, has moved to the Dallas area and been hired for a sales job by Detroit-based Compuware (on the same day they announced layoffs of 250 employees). Mr. Kilpatrick and family are now renting a house in Southlake, recently named as the city with the highest median income in the entire country (take that, Beverly Hills!). And some people say crime doesn’t pay? That all depends on who you know, I guess.

    Wait: did you say he was hired for a sales job, or hired for a snow job? He’s clearly qualified for the latter. -rc

  3. Dave Bing won this election 🙂

    Well, it is Detroit, after all! I’m sure most of the dead voters were for him…. -rc


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