A Steve Wozniak Joke

This story was originally published on my Jumbo Joke site, which is no longer online, so I’m transferring it here for posterity.

At the dinner table last Tuesday (July 12, 2011), Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak posed this riddle:

“What day was February 22 this year?”

All of us tried to figure out the joke: obviously he didn’t really want to know what day it was on February 22 this year.

Wozniak speaking at an event.
Wozniak in May 2012. (Photo: Nichollas Harrison, CC3.0 via Wikimedia, cropped.)

We gave up.

“Dunno: what day was it?” several of us said.

Twosday!” he said with his huge Wozzy smile, leading to appropriate groans from everyone at the table.

I whipped out my 4G Android smart phone (no, I don’t have an iPhone!) and flipped back to February.

“Hey,” I said. “It really was a Tuesday!”

He found that rather satisfactory.

February 22, 2022 will be a Tuesday too, so remember this joke for then!

I retorted with a follow-up: “What time was your dentist’s appointment that day?”

He didn’t know.

“Tooth-hurty,” I said, to a new round of groans.

Laser-engraved metal business card for Kevin Mitnick.
Kevin Mitnick’s business card, as given to me by Steve Wozniak. (Author’s photo)

Author’s Note: Yes, I really do know Woz, and my wife and I really did have dinner with him on Tuesday. He invited several other early Apple collaborators. But despite us all having smartphones, neither my wife nor I even thought about getting a photo with him!

At that meeting, Woz gave me his business card, and also the business card for hacker Kevin Mitnick. I sold the latter at auction on eBay when I heard Mitnick had died.

– – –

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