We Just Need a Little More

What do you need to break out of your rut? You might have a business idea, or something you want to do with your life.

How do you start? What do you need?

A little more courage than fear.
A little more work than idleness.
A little more confidence than uncertainty.
A little more opportunity than barriers.
A little more good luck than bad.

Just a little.

And Then?

You can’t wait until you have everything perfectly aligned, because you’ll wait forever. That’s what most people do: they wait …forever.

All you need is a little push — a little momentum. And build on that tiny bump up and make it bigger. And bigger. And bigger still.

So your job is to look for that little tiny push, just a little thing to start with. And if you don’t find it, your job is to create it so you can get started. That’s what successful people do.

If you look carefully, you’ll see you have a little bit of more than one of those things.

That’s how This is True was born. I had an idea, but it was just an idea, and I had to take action to make it happen.

My courage was just a little bit stronger than my fear. I worked full time on my idea even though I already worked full time at a day job. That little bit of courage was amplified by a little bit of confidence. I had more opportunity than barriers.

And then, though I didn’t know it immediately, there was that luck. It’s obvious when I look back. But what made the luck work was that things were already in motion. The luck simply provided increased momentum, which was built by adding more work, more decisiveness, more courage.

Which brought more luck. That’s the momentum.

Will That Make You Happy?

Do you know what “happiness” means? Most actually don’t. The root word is happ, which is from Old Norse, one of the many predecessors of English. Happ means fortune, chance, luck.

What we think of as “happiness” isn’t actually based on joy, or being glad, it’s happenstance — a “chance occurrence” — luck. Especially, as we hope, good luck.

Luck, says my favorite dictionary, American Heritage, is from the Middle English
lucke, akin to Middle High German gelücke, the source of modern German Glückhappiness, luck.

It’s luck, all the way down.

And the way to invite good luck is by that little bit of forward action. A little courage. A little work. A little confidence. A little opportunity.

And you can create all of it.

– – –

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  1. My favorite t-shirt quote is “The best things in life are on the other side of fear”.

    Love it. Seems that getting stuck in fear is increasing dramatically in the last decade. [pause…] In fact I love it so much I’m replacing the generic graphic with that image, which I just churned out. -rc


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