A Little Bit Behind

I Loved This Note this week from David in California:

Much to my shame and procrastination, I am only now getting to the format change you made in 2013! Yes, I keep the old emails, throw them onto a word doc and read them when I get the chance off my iPad. It is so enjoyable to read a month’s worth of True, except that I have been reading old stories for the past several years. As this is old news to you, but new to me, I wanted to say that the new format is terrific! I can hardly wait to find out what you have changed over the last three years when I finally get to the 2016 issues.

Oh, and while I mentioned my “shame”, it really isn’t that bad since I won’t get to see any responses to my delay for another three years. But then it will be old news. Keep up the great work. It is a delight to read about all the stupid things people have been doing, and even more delightful not to see my name in any of the articles.

I hear quite often from readers who are weeks, even months, behind. Some “worry” about it, and some are pretty relaxed like David, though this may be the first time I’ve heard from someone who is more than three years behind. He has kept his Premium subscription going since January 1997(!), knowing he’ll get to the stories when he’s ready. It just goes to show what I’ve said all along: True’s point is really about the human condition, not “news” per se, even though that’s the vehicle used to carry the commentary.

The “new” format debuted in Issue 1000 (11 August 2013), discussed in my blog at A True Milestone: 1000 Weekly Issues.

January 2017 Update

No, I didn’t hear back from David already, but rather another reader:

Kemper in Virginia writes: “I’ve gotten behind on my [Premium] emails. I found a batch from 2012 and 2013 that I hadn’t read, and am going thru them now. I’ve presently gotten over half way thru them and have enjoyed every single one. I have a very hard time deleting most them after I’ve read them. Many even end up being ‘flagged’ for future reference. Thanks Randy! I greatly appreciate your work (all of it)!”

Kemper may be pretty far behind, but I notice he’s kept his subscription current since mid-2002, so he really does plan to get to the stories eventually! Kemper posted this comment on a blog post from May of 2013, Unusual Unsubscribes, presumably after clicking on the link in an issue, so he’s around 3 years, 8 months behind as of his comment yesterday. I’ve always said the stories are mostly timeless, and Kemper just proved it again. Hopefully, he’ll get to this issue in less than 44 months!

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2 Comments on “A Little Bit Behind

  1. Your link for the Unusual Unsubscribes above returns a page not found with a perfectly wonderful write up about the obliviot I wanted to read about not being found. LOVE IT!!!! But you may want to fix the link. 🙂

    Like the others, I am years behind. I’m relaxed about it. The downside is my premium subscription lapsed due to my being so far behind I was putting all of the emails from True into a folder to read later. Dang it. I need to remedy this!!!

    Thanks for the heads up: indeed there was a slight malformation in the link, and it’s fixed now. Many of those who are behind report they like to binge read: when they have a lull, they’ll read 3, or 5, or whatever issues in a row. Enjoy catching up! And yeah, there have been some REALLY good issues lately that you’ll miss. We’re always happy to back-date renewals. -rc

  2. Gee, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets behind. Right now I’m caught up with This Is True, but obviously not with the Blog Posts.


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