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Another classic story that is so nicely served by the photograph referenced in the story. From True’s 15 May 2011 issue.

To Err is Human, But This is Asinine

Robert Norton Kennedy, 51, of Little River, S.C., lives by a motto: “WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. GOD LOVES YOU. Please forgive me if I say or do anything stupid. Thank You!” Kennedy came to the attention of the Horry County Police when neighbors called them, saying Kennedy had been playing loud music all day, and “verbally assaulting” them. When officers arrived, Kennedy allegedly spat in a neighbor’s face, which led to his arrest for assault and battery. And how do we know what Kennedy’s motto might be? Well, it’s tattooed across his forehead, and clearly visible in his resulting mug shot. (RC/WBTW Florence) …Let’s just say he isn’t exactly prescient for thinking he might “say or do anything stupid.”

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The tattoo reads: WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE GOD LOVES YOU Please forgive me if I say or do anything stupid. Thank You!” (Photo: J. Reuben Long Detention Center.)

Of course this all begs the question: if he’s such a God-fearing, sweet man, what is he doing playing music so loud it bothers his neighbors during the daytime, “verbally assaulting” them, and then spitting in someone’s face?

He’s not the first man to hit the pages of True sporting a tattoo on his forehead. Because, well, what kind of citizen do you think have tattoos on their foreheads?

See “Stupid” is Written All Over His Face from 2002.

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18 Comments on “His Motto

  1. He gives Christians a bad name.

    Sure, but oh dear: you’re gonna hate the next blog entry, being posted in a few minutes! -rc

  2. I see the problem already! When he tries to read the motto every morning, it would be backwards in the mirror! He just forgot what it said.

  3. If that bloke moved into the house next to mine, I’d be moving! Seriously, if anyone needs to tattoo that type of message on their forehead, they must be a few sandwiches short of a picnic!

  4. This reminds me of a joke I heard a while ago:

    A woman is on her way to church when she sees a cop car behind her turn on its lights, so she pulls over.

    “What seems to be the problem, Officer?” she asks when the cop comes to her window. “Was I speeding?”

    “No,” the cop replied. “Can I see license and registration, please?”

    The woman gives the cop her license and registration, he reads them over, then hands both back to the woman.

    “I apologize for pulling you over, m’am,” he says. “It’s just that I was behind you a few miles back at a traffic light and noticed all the Christian bumperstickers on the rear of your car, so when you laid on the horn when the car in front of you didn’t go as soon as the light turned green and then you flipped off the driver, I assumed the car was stolen.”

    If you’re going to broadcast your faith, it’s a good idea to live according to it.

  5. Given the different font and style, I think the two parts of the tattoo were done at different times.

    I also think, the second part of the tattoo is a direct reference to having tattooed the first part on his forehead.

  6. This is the downside to how some view religion — an excuse to do whatever they want, because God will forgive them. That’s the lesson some take from Psalm 51:4, where David says to God after killing Uriah “Against you, and you only, I have sinned.”

    Tough luck for Uriah, but if you get God’s forgiveness, well, it’s ALL GOOD. 🙂

    Another unfortunate effect of Christianity is the casual attitude towards righting wrongs here and now. Why bother to redress grievances, when God will straighten it out later?

  7. Thought I’d let you see what I ran into this morning.

    (Tom attached the screencap photo of the “Make Your Mark” ad next to the tattoo photo on this page, which I have now added to the page. -rc)

    And Michael and Cheryl have it completely right, it was the first thing I thought of:

    …if you advertise your religion, and then act like an aggressive selfish jerk, it gives your religion a bad name.

  8. The difference between a Good Christian and a Good Pagan is that bit in the Bible about “casting bread upon the waters” and “three-fold return”.

    If Christians cast moldy bread and harm others, they go to God for forgiveness and then continue on their way, feeling guilt-free.

    If pagans cast bad bread or only a few crumbs, they know there is no quick out, no instant forgiveness, no ‘laying of the fleece’ … because for them “what goes around comes around” is life. They truly believe they will reap what they sow.

    Given the options, I prefer pagan.

    (And please — no comments about ‘satanic masses’ or devil worship; the Devil is a Judeo-Christian tradition, and pagans don’t even believe in him/her/it!)

  9. OMG, I’ve seen that Chase ad, and in this context, it’s an absolute riot! And perhaps some kind of poetic license?

  10. @Tom in NC: The Devil doesn’t exist in mainstream Judaism. Satan/the Devil/Lucifer/whatever as the embodiment of all evil is an entirely Christian concept.

  11. Responding to L Ohio, I’ll share something I came up with several months ago:

    What is the difference between a good Christian and a really good non-Christian? Their relationship with Jesus.

    What is the difference between a bad Christian and a really bad non-Christian? Absolutely nothing.


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