The Truth about PETA

Does PETA protect and nurture the animals placed in its care? Find out — this story is from True’s 17 July 2005 issue.

Letters and More Commentary have been added farther down the page (jump there) — and be sure to see the several Updates (jump there).

“Ethical” Defined

After more than 100 dead dogs were dumped in a trash dumpster over four weeks, police in Ahoskie, N.C., kept an eye on the trash receptacle behind a supermarket. Sure enough, a van drove up and officers watched the occupants throw in heavy plastic bags. They detained the two people in the van and found 18 dead dogs in plastic bags in the dumpster, including puppies; 13 more dead dogs were still in the van. Police say the van is registered to the headquarters of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the two occupants, Andrew B. Cook, 24, and Adria Joy Hinkle, 27, identified themselves as PETA employees. An autopsy performed on one of the dogs found it was healthy before it was killed. Police say PETA has been picking up the animals — alive — from North Carolina animal shelters, promising to find them good homes. Cook and Hinkle have been charged with 62 felony counts of animal cruelty. In response to the arrests PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said it’s against the group’s policy for employees to dump animals in the trash, but “that for some animals in North Carolina, there is no kinder option than euthanasia.” (Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald) …Oops, my mistake: that’s “Playing God” Defined.

The more I learn about PETA, the less I think of them.

The story of them killing animals isn’t even unusual. According to PETA’s own filings, in 2004 PETA killed 86.3 percent of the animals entrusted to its care — a number that’s rising, not falling.

Meanwhile, the SPCA in PETA’s home town (Norfolk, Va.) was able to find loving homes for 73 percent of the animals put in its care. A shortage of funds? Nope: last year PETA took in $29 million in tax-exempt donations. It simply has other priorities for the funds, like funding terrorism (yes, really).

But don’t take my word for it: I got my figures from — and they have copies of PETA’s state and federal filings to back it up. The bottom line: if you donate money to PETA because you think they care for and about animals, you need to think some more. PETA literally yells and screams about how others “kill animals” but this is how they operate? Pathetic.

And you know what I wonder? PETA’s official count of animals they kill is 86.3 percent. But if they’re going around picking up animals, killing them while they drive around and not even giving them a chance to be adopted, and then destroying the evidence by dumping the bodies in the trash, are those deaths being reported?

My guess: no. While 86.3 percent is awful, the actual number is probably much, much higher. How dare they lecture anyone about the “ethical” treatment of animals!


As you might expect I got quite a few letters on this story and my editorial. An extraordinary number of the authors asked me not to identify them — that’s how scared people are of PETA. I will thus identify none of the letter writers, even by first name.

About 90 percent of those who wrote applauded me running the story. One who apparently works with animals wrote, “I had to write and say THANK YOU for alerting your readers to the atrocities that PETA commits. Anyone professionally involved with animal care knows the seemingly unending list of horrors committed by them, but in our crazy world it is the professionals who are scared and on the defensive.”

The remaining 10 percent were generally pretty calm and rational (vs. ranting), with about half demanding that I acknowledge that there’s a huge pet overpopulation problem, and the other half criticizing me for getting the numbers in my editorial from an anti-PETA web site — Don’t I Realize They Have An Agenda?!

Yes, we definitely do have a pet overpopulation problem, but I don’t agree with the implication that therefore we must indiscriminately kill and dump animals in dumpsters. Even as bad as it is, the overpopulation problem is NOT at its zenith: it has been reduced dramatically thanks to spay/neuter programs. Currently, 4-6 million dogs and cats are killed per year by in the U.S. by shelters due to overpopulation. Sad, but consider than just 25 years ago, that number was more like 17 million (source: Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine).

Still, what does this have to do with PETA taking in animals from shelters with the promise that they’ll be giving them good homes, but then killing them in the back of the pick-up van without making any attempt to make good their promise?

And what, exactly, is the justification for dumping these animals in the trash? And how is it that PETA kills such a high percentage of the animals entrusted to its care when the closest SPCA shelter to PETA’s headquarters is able to find good homes for most of its animals? When I replied to the complaining readers with those questions, I got no answers.

Considering the Source

Then there’s the web site that I got a bit of backup information from. An anti-PETA web site with an agenda, they say? Well yeah: with a domain like you can pretty much expect that they’re an anti-PETA web site with an agenda! Hello?

That’s why I pointed out that their source was …PETA! — the forms PETA filed with the state that details their kill percentages (again, 86.3 percent in the most recent year reported, a number that’s going UP year by year). Sure PKA has an agenda, just as PETA has an agenda. But exactly what facts that I got from that site, I asked those readers, did they dispute? You guessed it: no answers.

In a bit of supreme ironic timing, one of the Editorial Board members of the New York Times wrote an opinion piece about the PKA organization the weekend after I ran this story. One angry reader who sent me that link taunted that I’d “never admit” there was such an article critical of the site.

The reader didn’t stop to think that unlike him, I’m not afraid of the truth.

Indeed, my favorite of the “pro” letters was from a reader who wrote,

“I have heard all sorts of pro and con arguments about PETA over the years, and I wasn’t sure what to believe. The anti-PETA web site you linked to showed me the problem was much worse than I had ever heard. The numbers are outrageous! But something caught my eye on your own page that instantly grabbed my attention. You gave permission for people to post your story and editorial on their web sites, and even explicitly gave permission for those who disagree with you to do it too. Quoting you, ‘You are of course welcome to add your own comments above or below the text — even if those comments are to dispute me or disagree with me. Because I’m not afraid of the truth.’ All I can say is, WOW! I haven’t always agreed with you myself, but I can respect you and disagree with you at the same time. Count me as a reader for life.”


Do I think PETA is 100 percent evil? Absolutely not, but I think they are doing more harm than good. (Just imagine if the $29 million they collected last year actually went to local SPCAs!)

Some of what they do is great, like promoting spay and neuter programs which has dramatically cut down on the “need” to kill off “excess” dogs and cats.

Just remember what TRUE’s function is (beyond entertainment!): to promote thought, which also implies driving public dialogue on the issues raised. I think this issue needs thought and public dialogue, and I think the story provoked just that.

The last word on this goes to another reader who works with animals and “gets” that thought-provoking function:

As someone who has been in animal welfare for most of my adult life, I was thrilled to see your story and comments about PETA! Unfortunately, many people do not know that there is a huge difference between animal welfare and animal rights. Animal Welfare folks are interested in helping the animals have a better existence, whereas animal rights people place the same value on an animal life as human life — AR people want there to be no meat eating, no fishing, no pets (dogs, cats, fish, horses, etc.), no farm animals, no hunting, etc. Many people think that when they support a national animal organization, they are helping animals in their community. That is incorrect. The national organizations pump out literature, web-sites, agenda promotion, and guidelines. This includes groups such as the American Humane Association, the Humane Society of the United States, and the International Society of Animal Rights. If people really want to help their community and the animals there they should do three things: 1) Spay & neuter all their dogs, cats & rabbits. 2) Make a lifetime commitment to their pets when they decide to get them. And 3) Support their LOCAL shelter (municipal or private) shelters if they wish to make a donation — don’t give their money to the national groups, it will not help the animals in their community. My job is as a humane educator to let people know these truths. I can go on and on about more ways people can help, but those are the top three. We need forums like yours, Randy, to help spread the word on how people can help! Thank you for doing that, and brightening up my day. It is hard to work in this business, seeing the carnage day after day. You remind me (through TRUE, TSA & HeroicStories) that there is hope for this world. Thank you!

Beyond the Last Word
A reader took me up on my challenge to respond to the story and my editorial.
Read our exchange.
PETA Responds! Their letter to me published in full.

2007 Update: Their Day in Court

According to the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot (3 February 2007), Adria Hinkle, now 28, and Andrew Cook, now 26, were found not guilty of animal cruelty, but were found guilty of …littering.

Yes, throwing “trash” (the bodies of the killed animals) into someone else’s dumpster came down to “littering.” It took the jury 3.5 hours of deliberation to reach their unanimous conclusion.

Hinkle and Cook were each given 10-day jail sentences — which were suspended — fined $1,000, and sentenced to 50 hours of community service. They were also ordered to pay $5,975 in restitution, split between them, and serve 1 year of probation.

Before the jury went into deliberation, Superior Court Judge Cy Grant ruled that the state had failed to prove malice or motive, which were necessary to establish the charges as felonies. He thus reduced the charges to eight counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty, and one count of littering. With those few charges to deliberate on, the jury only found them guilty of the littering charge.

There was testimony from an animal control officer and an animal hospital which provided dogs to PETA saying they had no idea that the animals would be killed immediately — that there would be no attempt whatever to find them new homes. Hinkle and Cook apologized for dumping the animals, but said it was “a very hot day and the smell in their van was unbearable” …which begs the question of why this happened again and again and again. Every day they rounded up animals to kill them was “very hot”?

There was no dispute that Cook and Hinkle were doing their jobs as PETA intended: they picked up animals from shelters and hospitals, and immediately killed them rather than even attempt to find them new, loving homes. Again, it’s clear: PETA kills animals. That is their mission. If you love animals, you will never support PETA.

2008 Update: It Gets Worse

You want to know what else your PETA donations pay for? Lawyers! Despite how ridiculous it is that Hinkle of Cook were only convicted of littering, even that lowly conviction was overturned!

On April 15, 2008, the North Carolina Court of Appeals overturned the convictions even though the defendants’ actions were “undisputed” because “the prosecution failed to prove that a Dumpster is not the proper place for trash,” the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot reported.

The animal cruelty charges had already been dismissed by the judge, they report, because “the state failed to prove malice and any specific motive, necessary elements for the felony charges.”

With the littering charges vacated, neither Hinkle and Cook — nor PETA — even had to pay the ordered restitution.

PETA’s Response is Very Informative

Today’s unanimous ruling by the Court of Appeals ends the long, drawn-out, and needless legal proceedings endured by two young people who simply performed the humanitarian act of putting animals out of their misery at the request of government agencies and private individuals in North Carolina,” said PETA media liaison Heather Carlson. “The two workers were providing a humane release to animals who had no future prospects, and the trial never should have happened.”

Got that? healthy animals fit for adoption by loving families have “no future prospects” and must be “put out of their misery”that’s PETA’s clearly stated policy. If you love animals, you must ensure PETA does not get your money, because they will use it to kill animals — PETA thinks animals are better off dead than be loved by humans.

Can this be any more clear?

(Source link removed [] as it now 404s)

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79 Comments on “The Truth about PETA

  1. Yes, I believe PETA is another crazy wacko organization. If people do not believe they are nuts; maybe this will be hilarious enough for them. Try this new idea from PETA: calling all fish “sea kittens” so we will not eat them. The presumption being that you would not eat a cute “kitten”. It seems to be geared towards brainwashing children.

  2. I’m liberal, as are most of my friends, and we are all anti-PETA and HSUS, while supporting local organizations that help animals, including spaying and neutering. I consider the classification of liberals as being pro PETA or HSUS a cheap shot. Not the ones that I know. The most proactive person I know in helping animals all over the world through personal international contacts with animal shelter workers is strongly liberal and extremely anti HSUS and PETA.

    For those who don’t know, HSUS is the Humane Society of the United States, which is not to be confused with your local Humane Society. Wikipedia has more info. -rc

  3. I’m so glad you are speaking out against PETA! They ARE evil! I have to disagree with you on this point: “Some of what they do is great, like promoting spay and neuter programs which has dramatically cut down on the “need” to kill off “excess” dogs and cats.” While promoting spay/neuter is a valuable cause, introducing and pushing MANDATORY spay/neuter programs is WRONG. They don’t work; shelter populations and euthanasia rates increase dramatically after such ordinances are introduced. Ethical breeders are being punished for caring about their breeds, and breed with small gene pools are facing extinction. And let’s not forget HSUS and their dozens of affiliated organizations: see ActivistCash for an eye-opener!

    Oh, and PETA and their ilk want you to calls yourselves pet “guardians” (and we’re so sensitive and it seems like a “gentle” way of being) so that they can introduce legislation that would basically strip you of all your rights and make pets wards of the state, as they recently did in Oklahoma. As someone else already pointed out: they want us to become vegans and have no rights to own animals of any kind!

    Don’t read more into my words than is there (and there is already plenty!) I said that “promoting” spay/neuter clinics is a good thing. That’s a FAR cry from supporting them as mandatory. If PETA has progressed from “promotion” to only advocating mandatory altering, then indeed they have crossed the line. -rc

  4. PeTA closed down the egg production at Mepkin Abbey recently by harassing the monks, screaming and yelling outside the abbey until they could not pursue their quiet lives. The egg production provided more than 60% of their livelihood and had for about 60 years.

    The irony of this piece of idiocy is that within 10 miles of the abbey, including one across the road, there are 3 ‘hunt clubs’ that hold canned hunts. Something that is truly horrendous and SHOULD be stopped. (But this is in the very rural south so you can just imagine trying to even make people realize what a travesty this is.)

    I guess it was just easier to harass people who would meet you with silence or soft words and a prayer than those would meet you at the gate with shotguns.

  5. I have been asking PETA some questions also. One in particular about the cruel and wasteful shark fin industry and what was PETA doing about it. The reply; “I am out of the office right now…”

    I have been blocked from PETA’s facebook page because I have been asking similar questions. I was told that “It’s not that Peta doesn’t want to hear your oppositional opinion but it’s that I personally don’t like the confrontational manner in which you’re doing it”. And “No-one is forcing Peta down your throat so perhaps reciprocate this gesture”.

    When I responded and asked about PETA targetting school children leaving school property I was not given a reply.

    If a group is on the up and up and has nothing to hide, why does PETA avoid so many questions and use distraction techniques?
    I hope many people wake up to what PETA is really about.

  6. I am sorry to say that seem to have missed the opportunity to read the original article on which this story is based, as it no longer appears to be on the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald site.

    I did read with interest your exchange with both Thomas from Pennsylvania and Daphna Nachminovitch of PETA. I was only able to skim the PKA site, as it is rather extensive.

    I have noticed that in several places there is mention of the euthanasia being conducted in the back of the pick-up van. Is there any conclusive evidence that this is the case? Could the animals have been euthanized at some facility which did not have the means to dispose of the bodies?

    While it is heavily implied, do we know for a fact that the animals being dumped are the ones which had been picked up from the North Carolina animal shelters? Identification of animals from the shelters should be fairly easy if they were only released earlier that day. I didn’t see any sitings from the article saying that the animals had been identified.

    I am also a little concerned about the method of euthanasia. You quoted the article’s reference to a dog’s autopsy: “The autopsy did reveal a puncture wound on the dog’s front right paw. It is not known if that wound is consistent with a mark left by the insertion of a needle.” Was the chemical that is used to euthanize animals present in the dog’s system? The PKA site mentions walk-in freezers full of dead animals. Could these animals being thrown into dumpsters be the ones from the freezers? Conversely, could these animals have been frozen to death?

    I do find it odd that the PETA workers chose to illegally dump the animal bodies into a supermarket dumpster. Where I live, you can bring a dead animal to the animal control shelter, where it will be cremated or buried in a mass burial. This alternative seems both more legal and more respectful to the dead animals.

    I will not pretend to know PETA’s agenda, nor do I support them in any way. I have my own, personal reasons for intensely disliking them, but I was raised by a family of lawyers, and I feel I need to have all my facts straight.

    Thank you for bringing responsible animal care back into the minds of your readers, and thank you for making us all think a little harder about the organizations we support.

  7. THREE different Dalmatian rescues tried to get Toby and Anna away from PETA but they refused and told the rescue groups that the Dalmatians were very adoptable. How do I know? Because I am one of those that called.

    They killed the dogs, cats, kittens, all healthy and wanted. I saw the photos of the Dalmatians pulled from the dumpster and the black plastic bags pulled away from their dead bodes. These sweet Dalmatians were among several VERY placeable pets.

    These were taken from press releases, etc.:

    Hinkle and Cook “acted out of love for animals” and “had no criminal intent.”

    Yep: as noted in that last link, the two PETA employees featured in the story were let off after PETA’s attorneys argued that the animals “had no value” — the felony charges of Obtaining Property By False Pretenses covers people who deceive in order to take possession of “money, goods, property, services, or other thing of value” doesn’t apply because pets have “no value.” Yes, that’s PETA making that argument. Mindboggling, isn’t it? Again, why would anyone who wants to protect animals be so stupid as to contribute a penny to PETA? -rc

  8. I am an animal lover, and although I find this digusting by nature, I can only retain my faith in Peta being against the negative treatment of animals and believe there is a larger picture. Maybe it has to do with getting the animals out of the shelters and putting them to sleep so they don’t suffer in cages where they might be mistreated? People are generally moronic and breed puppies to make a few hundrend, or a movie like 101 dalmatians is released and a bunch of bratty little kids bitch and moan until they get one, and then there are all of a sudden 600 extra dalmatians in shelters. That is just one of my thoughts. euthanasia by drug induced coma for only a minute or two VS suffering in a cold sterile cage with no loving hands to make the dog’s life a happy one. I hate seeing animals suffer in cages or hostile unhappy environments. I hate seeing strays. As much as i love animals, maybe this is what Peta is doing, and although I could never do it and wouldn’t have the heart to witness it, maybe it IS for the best. (If that is in fact the case) This is all speculation, of course, but seems like a sensible answer when Peta has been around for so long and are the epitome of what standing up for animals IS.

    You’re rationalizing. READ what actually happened here. There is absolutely no excuse for their actions. They KILLED animals that had no medical problems that were destined for good, loving homes. They killed them with NO attempt to place them in those homes. How can you excuse such actions? If you love animals, I don’t see how you can. Open your eyes and read. Open your mind and absorb. PETA’s own records condemn them. End of story. -rc

  9. If, as someone stated in a previous comment, PETA members believe that animals have all the rights of humans, those who killed the dogs and disposed of their bodies in dumpsters should be liable for prosecution for murder.

  10. They say meat is murder, but murder is also murder.

    The former might be a matter of opinion; the latter definitely isn’t. -rc

  11. Thanks for this article. I am doing a persuasive speech called anti-PETA. This had really good insight. PETA needs to understand that it is good to protect animals but you can do it without being psycho.

  12. Three established Dalmatian rescue groups contacted the county animal shelter and tried to get the Dalmatians that PETA picked up. Their photos were sent out on the rescue network. Two healthy, sweet Dalmatians were very adoptable. I know, because I was one of the three that called and had contacted the others about getting someone to pull the Dalmatians.

    We were told by the shelter that they had a rescuer who came regularly. We were guaranteed that the Dals would be taken back, vetted, and put up for placement.

    To see what happened to Toby and Annie, read Day 4 of the trial. The last photos I saw of the two were from inside a black plastic bag, torn away from their dead bodies which had been pulled from the dumpster.

    This is what PETA said: “Those animals would have been put down anyway.”

    Please take the time to read the story about Happy the terrier mix and how photos were taken of him before he was killed for the express purpose of sending them to the former foster care/owner to assure him Happy was in good condition.

    The veterinarian also trusted PETA. He was in Ahoskie, N.C. His name is Dr. Patrick Proctor. He had to identify the killed pets he vetted, boarded, and released for adoption. He was furious and called the media.

    Remember, this was going on for about 2 years !

    I am sure photos are available if they are needed. I don’t want to see them again. How could we have known? …but it haunts me to this day. We should have insisted on rescuing. At least a few would still be alive and loved in new homes.

  13. I oppose all killing of animals.

    I was shocked to learn that PETA kills more animals than any other organization. The evidence is overwhelming. If you look at the words of PETA President Newkirk, she’ll tell you purebred animals and children are an abomination. Is thin the kind of organization you want to donate money to. Ask yourself, next time you donate: How many animals were killed with my donations?

    There is no excuse for killing dogs. If there are too many dogs in shelters, stop rounding them up. Dogs that aren’t rounded up with go home or will get food from people who care. No dog needs to die. It is the height of egotism to think that only humans have the right to be free and alive.

  14. I just happened to come across your website and wonder: why are you critizising the animal protection organization PeTA so harshly?

    Well, Mike71, it’s quite simple. You would understand it if you merely READ THE PAGE you’re posting on. Read it. Understand it. Then tell me HOW in the world you could support them? Oh, and stop posting comments on stuff you haven’t even bothered to read. -rc

  15. I am upset to read this stuff about PETA. I have always loved and supported them for the good things they do. Reading the trial about the two PETA workers killing and dumping animals they promised to find good homes for, is a kick in the oblongs! I think it is terrible that they outright lied to the previous owner about the fate of the dog, Happy. It is too bad. I am sad to now know this craziness.

  16. Thanks for publicizing the truth about PETA and other such groups.I support our local SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) and my local neighborhood animal shelter, and urge others to do the same!

  17. I have been struggling for several years to stick to a diet plan for health reasons (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.). I had recently hit on a method for sticking to my plan: I would set aside a dollar every day that I failed to meet my diet goals and send it to the Republican National Committee at the end of the month. As a fairly liberal Democrat I thought this would work – keeping me from straying from my plan. But it hasn’t been effective as I hoped. I guess there are actually a few Republicans that I am somewhat sympathetic to, and I don’t find the Republican offensive enough to keep me from straying from my plan. Thank you for your reminder of what PETA is actually all about. I am now planning on sending my monthly donation to the bastards at PETA instead.

    I am trusting my health will benefit more than PETA will from my decision.

  18. Talk about hypocrisy in action… PETA kills 86% of animals entrusted in their care. Healthy, discarded pets. And then has the brass balls to critic the President for killing a FLY. Let’s see, you can LEGALLY purchase products designed to kill pesky insects. It is ILLEGAL to kill pets. There goes the last shred of PETA’s credibility.

  19. I’m a 19 year rock fan, and as such I go to a lot of rock festivals. At a lot of these there are PETA booths, and PETA people walking around handing out fliers, pins, and stickers. I used to grab a “no fur” pin to stick on my jeans because even though I’m a meat lover and disagree with a lot of their views, I think that the fur trade is unnecessary. However, after reading this page, following the links, and doing more research, I have resolved to bring fake blood to the next festival I go to, and throw it on any PETA member I see.

    Oh and by the way, I’ve been reading True for two years and I love it. Keep it coming Randy 😀

  20. After PETA’s ignorant rant about the veterinarian conference in Seattle regarding the Flying Fish folks from Pike Place Market, the totally stupid thing with the President and the fly did not surprise me! The deal with the flying fish is that it is a team building experience. My old company had us watch a video the fish market made about it, and we were quite fascinated. But PETA had a problem with people throwing dead fish around, since the fish had rights, too! They had feelings! Good grief!!!!! They are DEAD! They are FOOD!!! But the vets were scared enough to say they would substitute fake fish (or possibly the rubber fish PETA said they’d provide).

    And now the Prez and the fly. Give me a break!

  21. Wow… I don’t know jack about PETA, but I can tell a one sided smear job when I read it. Talk about slanted, biased, and one sided. Whenever someone (you included Randy) spins a yarn like this that doesn’t even try to give credible rational explanations for the opposite side’s actions and points of view then there’s no point in listening to them. This is just a waste of time.

    If demonizing the other side is required to “win” your argument, then either you’re not very bright or you think your audience isn’t very bright.

    Oh dear: where do I start on this? So one tack might be, you jump in to express your views on a subject you “know jack about” and give one side. So your argument is that there’s “no point in listening” to such. You really thought this out, didn’t you, Don?

    But let’s talk reality. PETA spends millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours per year to get their message out, and most journalists just go with their outrageous messages without comment. But I dared to comment with facts gleaned from where? PETA’s own records! to bring just a little light to the other side. And I gave PETA space to present their unedited reply. Yet you call that little flicker of light against PETA’s propaganda “biased” and not worthy of listening to. You can bury your head in the sand if you wish, but I won’t. You may choose to plug your ears to protect your ignorance, but I won’t. I think it’s rather clear who here is “bright” and who isn’t. -rc

  22. Concerned about bugs? I wonder if any PETA employees drive cars at over 5-10 MPH, walk on grass, etc. I wonder how many dust mites they kill when they launder their bed linens or vacuum their carpets?

  23. I hope you never tire of exposing the stupidity of the people that surround us. Your exposure of the PETA fiasco is sorely needed. When I saw them take the Prez to task for killing a fly, I knew someone (maybe many someones) had a screw loose. A FLY is a freaking insect and insects will outlive humans regardless of what we attempt to do to exterminate them. It frankly pisses me off that PETA gets so much publicity and not enough bad press. Alas, such is life. Thanks for exposing their hypocrisy. Keep at it.

  24. Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised that PeTA was finally caught dumping animals that they killed. I’m just surprised that it took so long for it to happen.

    Penn & Teller’s show BS brought this to light in their second season. You can find the episode on YouTube if you just type in “Penn Teller PeTA”. Do be warned that if you haven’t seen the show before, Penn is not at all adverse to using 4 letter words.

    The people at PeTA are bunch of hypocrites that should be ashamed of themselves.

  25. Hmm. Peta is now attacking people who kill nasty insects? What’s next, attacking researchers who attempt to kill viruses? It appears that they will do anything to get more donations from people who are ignorant of their tactics.

  26. I have this page bookmarked, and regularly send people to it when they make the slightest pro-PETA noises. Then I send them to www. seakittens .com …a clear sign that PETA have totally lost their grip on reality if ever they had one.

    Just a note of warning: the “Seakittens” domain redirects to the PETA site. -rc

  27. “Just imagine if the $29 million they collected last year actually went to local SPCAs!”
    Sounds like that’s the reason they do what they do. It’s the money.

  28. I’ve heard terrible stuff for years about PETA.

    Generally, you’re better off donating to a local group, where you KNOW where your money is going — in this case, your local animal shelter — than some national or international organization where mysterious people spend your money on heaven-knows-what. In this case, they spend the money on lobbying, idiotic commentary about the President, and equipment to kill animals.

    Similar things hold true for a lot of “charitable” organizations. Years ago, I stopped donating to United Way because I have no idea where they’d send my money to — and of course all that bureaucracy and lobbying wastes a lot of money, too.

    For those who have posted on here saying “why are you so upset about PETA” and the like, I ask them to read more carefully what you posted here, and what others are saying. Yes, there is a lot of junk on the internet, but there’s also a lot of valuable information. PETA may have started out with the noblest of intentions, but I think the nobility is long gone now.

  29. I used to be on their mailing list. Suffice it to say after reading about their idiotic screed regarding President Obama killing a fly as well as the story that they kill animals entrusted to them for placement, I am no longer on their mailing list. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s hypocrisy.

  30. What makes you think that what the site shows is real or that Peta must respond to every idiotic statement that a site like that puts out? No dogs in dumpster, etc. Ever think about that? Maybe, it’s not real, but something someone made up…including tax papers, etc? Just because someone doesn’t respond to everything that everyone claims, doesn’t mean they’re guilty.

    Well, you’re free to ignore the police report, the criminal charges, and the trial. You’re even free to ignore the fact that PETA admitted the charges were true. But don’t expect the rest of us to subscribe to your delusions. -rc

  31. For PETA to condemn your president for swatting a fly whilst they euthanise lost/abandoned pets in the back of a van prior to illegally (by the sounds of it) dumping the bodies in the bin is the epitome of hypocrisy.

    Animals deserve to be treated with respect by people and organisations, especially when the animals for the most part show such total unencumbered affection to their owners and carers.

  32. Andrew, one other thing to point out – these pets are not all ‘lost’ or abandoned. In at least one provable case, they took an animal control officer’s own pet that the officer was having trouble taking proper care of because they did not have the time to properly train and play with it. It was a good dog, and one they would not have given up otherwise, if PETA had not been there picking up other ‘adoptable’ animals: animals they knew they were going to kill before they arrived to pick them up. They took cute pictures of this dog with a collar and leash in front of a garden, to send back to this animal control officer to show him how happy his dog was now. Then, they killed the dog and threw away its body in a dumpster. These are proven facts, with eyewitness accounts, pictures, and admissions on the stands by the perpetrators.
    That is what makes PETA so frustrating for those of us who really care about lost/abandoned animals. They claim we have no rights to even “own” animals because it is unfair and they have equal value to human life. Then, they pay their employees to go out and kill hundreds of animals they claim are going to find new homes. And then, those employees get off from charges of illegal actions because they are not ‘disposing of stolen property’, because the animals ‘have no real value’? What?

  33. PETA…hypocritical in public arguments.

    No meat eating? Bottom line PETA arguments suggest there are simply too many people on the earth. That may be right. Not eating meat is just a delay that allow more people when final crisis comes.

    No fur? PETA does not balance the negative impact of synthetic clothes on animals…more oil drilling and tons of non-biodegradable clothes to choke turtles. Recycled stuff is not durable etc.

    Bottom line. Inner circle of hardcore PETA is focused on reducing human population…the radical side of that not voluntarily. Lot of serious non-public PETA getting interested in biowarfare that sterilizes or kills only people.

  34. I am a subscriber to petas emails and wanted to double check with a hunter I know about the recent article. I feel like peta has a habit of causing hysteria and sympathy. I have been a veg since I was 12 (30) years… I also keep my beliefs to myself generally.

    However, I do think some people actually believe in hunting and they do in fact eat the meat. That to me is somewhat different than the people that have never considered what their ‘bacon’ goes through to get to their plate. (Here I am dogging peta but their video Meet your Meat is great.)

    Point is, I don’t rule out what other people want to do., I do wish they were more informed, I very much wish they had more regulations on slaughterhouses. I do in fact think peta brings light to these topics. but….they just feel like a big phony front for a money making org.

    A few years back one of their people were in my neighborhood for something and I mentioned the local animal control animals to them. The response “we don’t deal with them”.

    The article on the animals killed ran in my local paper, it was real and no one suffered any consequences, (other than the animals that would not have been turned over if the local shelters knew the true outcome).

  35. @millie: actually most of the dogs killed were from people who thought they couldn’t look after them. sometimes the dog was killed before they started the car’s engine.

  36. I’m hoping an alias of sorts is allowed as I really don’t like publishing my first name or even my nickname around. At anyrate I am mostly replying to one comment from an above poster.

    ‘You are doing nothing good for the animals if people loose trust in donating to an org that they think will help.’
    So, in theory, you would get at christians for warning people away from the devil, just because they know the devil is bad, but the fools and innocents being tricked by him, were clueless as to his real desires and nature? I’d clap with one hand for you if I could.

    Please re-read what you just wrote and what you have just read. Peta KILLED animals for no reason. And you say it’s not their fault if they lose donations?

  37. I’m a HUGE dog lover. That being said, today a dog was killed by a bear in wayne New Jersey. I feel terrible that the dog was killed by a bear. The bear is a victom of our own actions. There is so much land clearing in jersey to build stores and homes (especially RT.23 north in jersey). The animals get put out of there natural enviroment and stray to a populated area. This bear is only looking for food and yes he killed a dog but please don’t put the bear down. If they do this bear will die because he was hungry. PLEASE SOMEONE LISTEN! I want to be a STRONG member of PETA. SAVE THAT BEAR And every other animal that is punished for absolutley no reason. Who are we to decide when an animal takes his last breath. PLEASE SOMEBODY LISTEN!

    You plead and plead for others to listen, yet it’s obvious that you didn’t even read this page! If you had, you’d realize that there’s no way to both “love animals” and be a member of PETA. Simply put, PETA kills animals. Wake up and read! -rc

  38. Just heard about your site from a large mailing list of shelters, rescues and many people who help them and the animals. Over the past many years, from their research and my own, I’ve heard all that you say about PETA and the many issues with some others, such as HSUS. It seems that most organizations that become that large begin shifting their agendas and actions. They retain some amount of true help for the animals, with stories and actions that bring in and hold donors. Enough that, even after finding the whole truth, many donors continue to contribute in order to continue the few good things they do. While smaller and with a different mix of truth/lies, we’ve found that Best Friends Animal Society is another of the same. Just as you’ve seen people scared to identify themselves to PETA, only a very few will dare stand up to BFAS.

    No, I’m not offering proof now on BFAS. Just raising the issue. Much of the proof went out over mailing lists, as the web sites with them were short lived. In the past two years, we’ve confirmed over 600 of their donors who have read it have moved to supporting local shelters and rescues. Still, as with HSUS and PETA, many donors remain, more for their own amusement than for the animals.

  39. PETA, HSUS, BFAS, I know them all well. Little or nothing has improved over the years, no matter what is disclosed here or anywhere. Yet, other fairly large groups like the SanFran SPCA and the Northeast Animal Shelter have maintained a sense of ethics and a focus on helping animals instead of building their control and assets. Perhaps that’s why they remain smaller than the first three. Perhaps somewhat analogous to some of our largest financial companies.

    The question I raise is where the real problem is at, and how can this be changed? History seems to show that no amount of disclosure will change or stop them. That the real problems are not with them, but the thousands of donors who continue to fund them. Several years ago I read and corresponded with hundreds of those people. For every one I convinced to change, thousands continued as they were. While I applaud your efforts, unless and until those donors change little else will happen, and I do not know how to reach those who do not want to listen.

  40. What burns me is when Eight Belles (the horse who broke her ankle a few years ago and had to be put down on the track) was put down, the folks at PETA went on a rampage, saying that the jockey was “whipping her to almost the point of death”. They had no idea that the horse is trained to be tapped and shown the crop to go faster during the race. The inquiry that happened after the incident showed that the horse had a genetic defect. Poor horse. Poor jockey, because he had to ride the horse without knowing. Stupid PETA, because the are sooo ignorant.

    Fast forward a few months. Michael Vick is convicted of Dogfighting, one of the WORST felonies I can think of about animals. PETA is NOWHERE to be found. I think this page illustrates WHY. Fast forward to last year’s football season. Michael Vick is picked up on option by the Philadelphia Eagles. I don’t know about you, but a felony shouldn’t carry a reward by reinstatement of privileges and a $1M salary in the NFL. I think that he should have had to fight more for a job like most felons in this country. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t watch the NFL season last year, except for the Super Bowl. I am on a boycott of the NFL for the foreseeable future until Roger Goddell does what he should have done a year ago. Fire Michael Vick on a lifetime ban from football. They did it to Pete Rose for gambling. Why not a felonious dog-fighting prima donna like Vick?

  41. @James in KC – I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe Ingrid Newkirk loathes life in any shape or form and wants to play god. My concerns are that she has too many “sheep” in her flock willing to carry out her orders. When will people wake up and realize the veganism and anti-fur campaigns are just a front?

    “God is dead.” – Nietzsch “Nietzsche is dead.” – God

  42. I have been an avid supporter of PETA fors year and I am so shocked by what I have read today…..what is PETAS agenda? Why on earth are they putting dogs down rather than rehoming them?

    Simply: you have been fooled. NOW what are you going to do? -rc

  43. Very disturbing! unimaginable and appalling-I support our local and national/international animal humane groups. For Peta repts to be euthanizing healthy animals and dumping them is in a word-insane-sorry Peta-the gig is up. You’ve done a lot to make your voice heard re: abuse of animals-looks like you are right up there with the abusers. I would like Peta to come to the forefront and agree or deny that this atrocity is a common practice-or uncommon-matters not does it? Most important thing-we as animal lovers need to get to the truth, and maybe just put Peta out of business if this is their deal-I’ve contributed in the past, offered info to them about animal abuse in the past, and now wonder-what is their real agenda? In the meantime, no donations to Peta…

  44. I wish more people knew the truth… PETA has over 800,000 likes on facebook… we all need to come together and take them down or eventually we will no longer be able to have a pet.. they will be free to fight for survival and will all either starve to death or die tryin to find food/shelter…. we must stop this!!!!!

    Knowledge is the key: make sure you spread it. Their mission sounds good — who doesn’t want to improve the general welfare of animals? (which is what’s behind the “likes” on Facebook) — but their actual mission is different from what most people think, and what most people believe. -rc

  45. How can anyone know the documents posted on haven’t been doctored?

    Easy: if they were, wouldn’t PETA sue the hell out of them? Powerfully refute them? Yet they haven’t done so. The documents I reviewed, too, are from “official” (government) sources: people can check, rather than have to trust PKA. -rc

  46. This isn’t the first I’ve heard of PETA recklessly euthanizing animals with the claim that it is more humane than keeping them alive, but it still sickens me. I don’t see what they think they’re accomplishing. I don’t speak for all shelters, but my local animal shelter is a no-kill shelter and works almost entirely on donations because of reduced funding. Even so, the shelter does everything it can to give its animals quality food and life, and there are enough volunteers around to make sure that the animals are clean and socialized. Obviously these people love animals. What about a situation like that makes PETA believe that the better alternative for these animals is death? If they value animal lives as much as human lives, then their actions are that of a heartless and sloppy serial killer. They can’t even take the time to give these animals the same post-mortem ceremonies that humans are guaranteed, which even I see as disgusting, and I don’t value animals as humans. To me, it all seems very inconsistent; their actions seem more like those of a group of deranged lunatics than those of a legitimate organization. I’ve never been a fan of PETA, but this is just too far. Thank god they operate far away from me and my precious animals.

  47. PETA throws paint on fur coats so that producers go kill more animals to make them. Doesn’t it make sense to just let them sell the coats and not ruin them thus saving more animals?

  48. I published a comment on this site a while back, about Eight Bells being put down (because it had to be done) and Michael Vick; and PETA’s response to both incidents.

    It’s very interesting to comment again, because now PETA is going to publish a “XXX” porn site to promote Vegans and Vegetarians. Claiming the same things they did with the “banned” Super Bowl ad (the racy ad with women sodomizing veggeies and promising that Vegetarians have better sex [citation needed on that last part about vegetarians having ‘better sex’]) they will have celebs and porn stars posing nude and having sex. No joke! They already have Brooke Hogan and Ron Jeremey (among others) who have committed to the “cause.” This is just crazy. They alsto stated in other news reports that the content will be mostly “boy and girl next door” (amateur) content, but that any celeb willing to take off their clothes will be included.

    Also, Pamela Anderson is posing for them. This page features ANOTHER PETA ad gone wrong, and a picture of Pam with some “cuts” (similar to a cow diagram) and saying “All animals have the same parts.” Whoa, did I miss something? We are animals now? Darn. I guess morality doesn’t have anything to do with it anymore.

    Another story from Pay close attention to the video at the bottom about the celeb Kristen Johnson. Wow, is that woman really ignorant. About 1:20 into the video. Horses sleep standing up, not laying down! Don’t doubt that maybe the NYC horse-drawn carriage system might need some improvements, but please, state facts and don’t misinform. Also, why pose nude on a “plastic horse?” Why not get a REAL horse to make your statement clearer?

    Just another PETA campaign done wrong.

    I don’t know who PETA thinks they are, or who’s running their marketing program, but I hope they crash and burn. Then, they can end up in the dumpster with their dead dogs. Seriously, this is just the worst marketing ploy I have ever heard of. It’s like, “Hey, we’re dying. What should we do. I know! Start a XXX site!” Huh?

    If you PETA lovers don’t think this is real, google it. It is happening. They are also going to have pictures of “animal abuse” (according to the Huffington Post’s story, the animal pics will be ‘gruesome and graphic’ and be designed to turn people away from eating meat). What a site, huh?

    Here’s the link to the Huffington Post story. At first I thought this was a hoax, but if you do end up just searching for this story, it is real. Every news agency has carried something about it including It even made headlines on an Australian news site.

    I really hope this web site bombs. We should organize a boycott of PETA and all of their atrocities. They kill more animals per year than any other agency, and they really don’t care about animals that much in general. The only reason they do something at all is so that they can appeal to the “bleeding hearts” out there and get more money to do stuff like this. I could go on all day about PETA and their agenda, but I think this illustrates just how PETA uses non-information and misdirection to see their goals done. If they could have their way, all animals would be released (yes, no more pets) and we would all be either vegetarian or vegan. That is their stance, people. Nothing less. It is insanity.


    I worry less about what PETA “is going” to do, and more about what it is proven to have done. While such a porn site sounds pretty icky, I’ll believe it when I see it. But I have to admit: if I see it, it won’t surprise me, since pretty much nothing PETA does surprises me. Bores me, sure, but no surprises. -rc

  49. Where is PETA when the Rattle Snake Round Ups happen in texas? Does PETA only want rights for the cute and fuzzy. a search for rattle snake round up on their site brings up nothing actually to do with the rattle snakes. at the round ups snakes are skinned alive. you can bet if they were kittens or puppies that peta would be out there protesting.

    If PETA was what people thought it was, they’d be there. But PETA isn’t, so this should be no surprise. -rc

  50. Think of all the crimes PETA has done and got away with because there “helping animals”. I think that’s a bunch of BS. I think the only way to get their supporters is to hide the truth, if they put out their statistics nobody would follow. So it’s a good thing there’s people out there to post those and stand up to PETA. Thanks for taking a stand against PETA.

  51. Update: PetaKillsAnimals data from the state reports mentioned earleir, now (2011) show that they kill in excess of the animals received in their shelters.

    Can you provide a link for that? That’s not what I’m seeing on PKA’s home page, which shows in 2011 PETA took in 1,992 pets, “transferred” 34, adopted out 24 (a whopping 1.21%!), and killed 1,911 — “only” 95.9%, and the highest percentage yet (since PKA started compiling figures in 1998). -rc

  52. Sorry, bad writing — should have posted: they kill in excess of 95% of the animals.

    There is quite a debate raging on the Women24 site from South Africa, in response to PETA’s latest video ad. As always “banned from the Superbowl”.

    OK, thanks for following up. -rc

  53. This… terrifies and makes me want to yak at the thought of how many animals they killed. They do nothing but waste money. Here in this little city where I live, there are two shelters, one run by the city, and the Humane Society (I have a friend who volunteers there). I’ve been to the Humane Society, it’s clean, well lit and the staff allow people to take the dogs for walkies around the block so they can get some exercise (have done it myself ^-^!). Haven’t been to the Shelter yet, but still. Seriously?

    I looked at the PETA site… To me their whole stance that meat is bad is bullshit. If we didnt eat them; the population would overrun on certain animals. They had to cull the Elk, what … last year? Because the population was too high and it was too dangerous for them and the people in the National Parks; especially on Highway 1 (Trans-Canada).

    I am disgusted… and NEVER Have I ever donated to PETA.

  54. If peta considers animals and people to essentially be the same then aren’t they, through their own definitions via media bursts and the crap i had to hear in school and their own information, committing genocide?

    If that is ethical then i dont think even my own twisted mind could conceive of what they would consider unethical.

    If your premise is correct, your conclusion seems inescapable. -rc

  55. This campaign is not against PETA. Regardless of how ethical or unethical this organization is, it’s name is used as an excuse to preserve existing human-centric status quo when everything on Earth has to be a servant to us. The real question that everybody has to ask themselves: IS KILLING, EATING, TORTURING, ENSLAVING ANIMALS JUSTIFIED and HUMANE?

    If you answer NO, you will find ways to help animals.

    If you answer YES, you will not go to prison for this. It is unrealistic to expect that people would change overnight. But I hope that one day the humane ideas will prevail.

    I think we agree that the PETA name is only used unethically. -rc

  56. I’m offended at the notion that animal’s lives are not equilivent to that of humans. Why? Who are we to decide whose lives are of value and whose are not. Besides, it’s been proven that a vegan lifestyle is healthier. And factory farming is pretty much the most disgusting and appalling atrocity in the first world.

  57. @Brent – Do you have any proof for your claims that vegans are more healthy? Other than PETA’s own claims?

    Humans are sentient, animals are not. In my book that makes human life more valuable than animal life. You are free to disagree with me.

    Claiming factory farming is worse than Nazi death camps and the holocaust is a bit of a stretch.

  58. PETA is a scam to generate donations. All the useful idiots run around the country terrorizing business and individuals about the ethical treatment of animals and now we find out PETA is killing more animals than would die of natural causes if left alone. Who’s ethical.
    Join the new PETA……People Eat Tasty Animals and leave the non tasty one’s alone, it’s more ethical.

  59. I’m a little late in reading/commenting on this, and want to state that am not pro-PETA, despite being a vegetarian myself.
    I like to research what I read, and when I find a website with hidden or not-so-hidden motives, I become even more sceptical.
    Richard Berman is the guy behind the anti-Peta website, he works for the food and bev industry. (surprise, surprise) He once told a reporter his strategy is to “shoot the messenger”.

    Look at all the websites he is behind, and make up your own mind. He is also is against the minimum wage….

    Thanks to YOU, Randy, for making us think just a bit more, and not cling to what we would LIKE to believe is true.

    I’m unclear on what revelation you are making here. I’ve already addressed that the anti-PETA site is biased in several different ways, both in the original post and in the comments — but the bottom line is STILL that biased or not, they provide original documentation from PETA which confirm the facts. -rc

  60. I’ve seen enough scams to recognize the format. I should clarify that; they’re not actually “scams” as they do solicit donations for the purpose they claim. It’s just that the vast majority of those funds raised are not allocated to the advertised purpose. Some charities skim just enough off the top to pay for the necessities of operation, and upwards of 90% or more does go to the specified cause. While others are really nothing more than a way to support a lifestyle for a group of individuals who do nothing but solicit donations. Apparently there is not much of a law to force a minimum percentage to go where it’s advertised.

    PETA and HSUS concentrate their ads on common household pets because that’s what the market identifies with. But that’s not the purpose of their organization. Another unrelated, but similar, scam is that Westboro Baptist Church that protests the war by picketing funerals of fallen servicemen. They play “church” and have all the appearances of such, but basically they consist of two interwed families of lawyers who stir up emotions to elicit physical altercations which can then lead to lawsuits and resulting financial reward.

    Before donating to ANY charity, it’s best to use a charity evaluator, or several, to get an idea of that charity’s worthiness. Right off the top, Charity Navigator is one that attempts to help separate the scams from the genuine organizations. But don’t let your emotions be the sole discretion of your decision. THAT’S exactly what scammers target.

    Charity Navigator rates PETA one star (out of four), comparing very poorly with other animal-related organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Foundation of Ill. and the Animal Legal Defense Fund of Calif., each of which get four stars. As previously noted, if your goal is to actually help animals, there are much better places to donate money to. -rc

  61. There is a place for all God’s creatures, right next to the potatoes…

    The real problem is when you extrapolate PETA’s agenda: no ownership of animals. What happens to all of those animals? Ever seen a feral dog pack? Dogs and cats will become very overpopulated the only course of action will be to trap and kill.

    I would point out the hunters are the ones with the guns. Maybe the PETA folks can reason with the wild pigs. I am willing to watch the effort.

    PETA is dangerous because they present one face to the world but really do the opposite.

    Thanks for being outspoken about these nutjobs.

  62. I wonder if these PETA fellows realize that, had the ancient hunter-gatherers followed “ethical” and “humane” practices, the human race would have died out long ago. PETA’s leadership is nothing more than a bunch of reactionary, idiotic, useless hypocrites who seem to think that it is better to kill helpless, caged animals than wild ones who have a sporting chance against a hunter.

    I don’t think you “get” PETA. I think they’d be happy for humans to be extinct so that other animals would be free to roam without hindrance. -rc

  63. It’s interesting to note that Ingrid Newkirk is an insulin-dependent diabetic and therefore owes her life to animal testing and animal production of insulin (at least until the 80s).

    Apparently that doesn’t count, though. Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

  64. So sad. I recall this story when it first came out. Since that time I adopted a 6 yr old dog from a no-kill shelter, spent a wonderful 4.5 years with her, and when the time came, had her euthanized when her mast cell cancer got to be too much. That was the easiest/hardest thing I have done. Easy because she could no longer walk and take care of herself. Hard because she was such a great companion and it was difficult to accept that her time was done.

    How can anyone be so cold? If PETA folks want to see people gone from this world I really think they should start with themselves!

    Your last sentence is a good solution! -rc

  65. In 2011, Alyssa in CA wrote, “PETA throws paint on fur coats ….”

    Someone else once observed that these anti-fur bullies would never think of doing anything like that to a biker who’s wearing leathers.

  66. I stopped contributing to PETA several years ago when I learned that they had rescued a great many animals and instead of finding them forever homes, they killed all of them. Still haunts me to this day.

  67. From 1993 to 2003 I volunteered for a local marine mammal stranding team. The museum which the stranding team is a part of wanted to make a dolphin tank which could have supported 4 dolphins. The dolphins to be kept in the new tank would be dolphins which had stranded alive, but would not be able to survive in the wild after they healed from their injuries or illness which caused their stranding. There was a shortage of places dolphins like that could be sent, and if a place could not be found, the dolphin would have to be euthanized. By making the new dolphin tank, 4 dolphins would have been spared.

    PeTA actively worked against the efforts of the museum. PeTA claimed the museum would go out into the wild and capture healthy dolphins. PeTA also took the museum to court claiming the museum did not comply with FOIA requests. The judge in the case ruled that the only item the museum should have turned over, but did not, was a memo from the director of the museum telling museum staff to comply with all FOIA requests from PeTA, even if the requests were not in the proper format.

    A PeTA friendly reporter for the local newspaper, The Virginian Pilot, wrote the story that the museum did not comply with FOIA requests and was shredding paperwork rather than turn them over. In reality, the documents being shredded were duplicates of old records and receipts for office supplies from many years before. And that shredding was only done because more space was needed.

    PeTA got access to a stolen copy of a roster of the members of the stranding team, which included names, phone numbers, addresses, and training information for the members. (I think PeTA had a person on the stranding team steal the roster, but I can’t prove it.) PeTA then used that stolen information to sent US mail to the members of the stranding team at their home addresses. The content of the mailing was full of distortions and outright lies.

    How is that for “Ethical”? That is when I learned why the “e” in the PeTA logo in lowercase.

    Living in the same area as PeTA (Norfolk, VA and Virginia Beach, VA share a border) I run into PeTA employees and volunteers far more often than I would like. I wish PeTA would relocate to another area far far away.

  68. I walked by a store dumpster today. The smell of rotting meat and smell of something had died. It’s a shame because I see the lovily animals hauled away on semi trucks to the slaughter and it’s clear from their expression they are worried and scared. But even worse is after a life time abuse and killing, their bodies sit on the store shelf most never bought and than throw into the dumpster. This is a human error. It is caused by selfishness and greed. It’s called breeding misery and corrupt capitalism. It’s not PETA’s fault people outside their establishment is also breeding misery in cats and dogs, and when they are finished playing they dump them on PETA and expect them to fullfill their life time of 15 to 20 years with PETA while they go get a new baby cat to enjoy or a easter bunny or chicken for the kids they’ll need PETA to take, because capitalism only cares about the money not the life.

    So PETA was immoral in its action, had more than enough money for the sole purpose of taking care of people dumped animals. But than they have to continue and take in another 80 thousand cats and dogs because the kids are done playing. Around a billion animals are slaughted in the USA every year. And only one people feel their pain. Those who care.

    Nice try. READ the page! The animals in the story were not “dumped on PETA,” PETA came and got them under false pretenses — wanted, healthy, often young animals that had full lives ahead of them. PETA employees lied and said they would give them to loving homes. Without even trying to do so, they killed those animals and dumped them in the trash, as if that was all they were worth. To say PETA values those lives is laughable. Last, it would not surprise me in the least if that rotting meat you smelled in the store’s dumpster was more castoffs by PETA — animals taken by fraud. -rc

  69. Latest in PETA’s hypocrisy.

    Follow some of the links to the organizations PETA is allying themselves with. Truly disturbing, but not at all surprising.

    “This group’s agenda is to have pit bulls banned across the United States — a move which seems to lead, inexorably, to the dogs being killed.” Yep, sounds like PETA all right. -rc

  70. I like the other peta: People Eating Tasty Animals. They throw raw hamburger at peta floats.

    I cannot find a reference, but apparently Ingrid wrote a book advocating a world population of under a million people. If someone can provide a reference, I would appreciate it.

    Apparently, peta has had the pit bull policy for some time. A google of “Ingrid Newkirk” has 550 comments. This one popped out. Note the date:
    –1/21/10 5:45pm

    @JennyJazz: It’s not just the pit bulls that have been fought; PETA advocates euthanizing ALL pit bulls, even puppies. All because a pit bull bit Newkirk once, which makes me like the breed even more, IMO.

  71. So, PETA really stands for People for the Euthanasia of Traumatized Animals.

    And they do the traumatizing themselves! Full service. -rc

  72. I was at a dog show in southern BC some 20 years back with a friend of mine who was showing several of her Flatcoated Retrievers. I was showing my one young show dog, a Flatcoat of one of her breed lines. We’d agreed that I would stay in the back in the grooming area and watch dogs while she was showing, unless she needed me to hold dogs or help show. I spent most of the time in the grooming area. The show arena was in a building adjacent to a busy expressway.

    We had brought padlocks for all our dogs’ crate doors with us, and when both of us needed to be in the ring, we locked the dogs we weren’t showing securely into their crates. Some other handlers and owners did the same; unfortunately, not enough of them did.

    At one point midway through the show, I had headed back to our grooming area to exchange two dogs for one other, and I walked into a scene out of a dog lover’s worst nightmare. The grooming area was full of people who were releasing beloved, pampered show dogs from their pens and unlocked crates and literally chasing them out the open back door, yelling “You’re free! You’re free!” and exhorting the dogs to run away by berating them, hitting them with anything they could lay a hand on, and continuing to chase them. I attempted to stop them and looked frantically for security, but the security guard who was supposed to be in the grooming area guarding the dogs was nowhere to be found.

    These people claimed to be from PETA and many of the dogs they chased out were so frantic, confused and frightened that they ran right into the expressway traffic. Dozens, at least, of terrified dogs died that day thanks to PETA, under the vehicle wheels of shocked and horrified drivers who soon stopped entirely so as not to hit any more dogs. The carnage was so bad that writing about it still sets me to shaking.

    I have never once given any donation to PETA, not during my nearly 60 years. After the dog show incident, I have gone out of my way to warn others about them and how they behave towards other people’s treasured, greatly loved pets.

    If you show dogs, especially in countries where PETA is a respected NGO, and you’re there by yourself with more than one dog, lock the dog(s) you aren’t currently showing in crates while you’re showing the other(s). PETA went after the dogs who were easiest and fastest to release and did not harass a single dog who was locked in.

    Disgusting — and I can’t say I’m surprised. -rc

  73. I live in the same city as PETA’s national headquarters, so I’ve seen it all. Possibly the most vivid memory — and the moment I decided I hated PETA — was the time we were coming down the interstate and crested a bridge only to see an enormous, brightly-colored billboard featuring a cheerfully smiling Ronald McDonald, wearing a blood-spattered apron, holding a butcher’s knife almost large enough to qualify as a sword, standing over a small, trembling, visibly frightened cow. My mom used words I’d never heard her use before, and my brother started to cry. We both had nightmares for a week. I was five, he had maybe just turned four.

    I’d also like to point out that, when they built their massive, looming, overwhelming, probably heinously expensive waterfront headquarters, they built it right on top of one of the live oyster beds that the Elizabeth River Project had introduced to try and save the ecosystem. Apparently any animals that have ever had anything to do with humans are to be destroyed?

  74. Peta is always advertising for donations to build dog houses to make a pet dog’s life more comfortable (with a sad dog sitting in the cold photo). Since they have a very high kill rate and don’t even try to find homes for pets, and also do not approve of people having pet dogs and cats, what are the dog houses for? Does anyone know if they really distribute doghouses, or is that just another con? The CEO supposedly receives a low salary. So where does all the money go?

    Good questions all. -rc

  75. I am just heartbroken. When I receive by mail the propaganda PeTA sends out, I cannot look at the faces of the poor animals representative of the abused and neglected animals PeTA is going to save with the help of my donation. If I do I burst into tears at the thought of these poor animals suffering at the hands of other humans. Now it turns out the hands belong to PeTA. I want my God Damn money back you bastards. What are they doing with the monthly donation they get (were getting) from me for shelter for one dog freezing somewhere? If you’re killing the dog, it’s apparent to me you are eliminating the need for housing. You sons of bitches. You will get yours. I will ask God daily to see that you do. And I will tell everyone of your true nature, you shitheads.

    They are truly evil. Thank you for cutting them off: you saved some animals lives by doing that. -rc


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