Weird News Video #37 — That’s No Choirgirl

Episode #37: That’s no Lady II from True’s 15 February 2009 issue.

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6 Comments on “Weird News Video #37 — That’s No Choirgirl

  1. Good that the “Pope” had the last word.

    I didn’t think anybody would really catch the judge’s name! Kudos. 🙂 -rc

  2. I’ve heard of community service, but what in the word is community control? It sounds like you might carry a weapon and walk the streets. I might like to sign up for that, there are some communities here in the Detroit area that need some control!!!

    I assume it means “supervised probation”, or maybe a halfway house setting. But yeah, it really sounds like something different, which is why I riffed on it in the tagline. Imagine if “the community” got to actually “control” his destiny! -rc

  3. I am using a MAC (OS 10.4) with FIREFOX, but I am not able to access the video. Have other MAC users reported problems?

    No, no other reports. As long as you have a Flash plug-in on your browser, it should work fine. Sometimes, when YouTube is too busy (they host the vids), it’ll throw up a “No Longer Available” error, which is awfully irritating, when it should say “try a refresh”…. -rc

  4. I guess some women really can’t be seen without their makeup. However, I do wonder about the community control, if the community was really effective at controlling his behavior he wouldn’t have been dared to dress as a choirgirl.

  5. Community control I think is similar to gun control, where you use both hands to shoot your weapon and hitting your target center mass, or in the apricot right between the eyes if you are having a good day.


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