Patrick Timoney’s “Gun”

The “zero tolerance” stories just don’t stop, despite court decisions and legislators demanding “common sense.” A 2″ hunk of plastic isn’t a gun, unless you’re a hysterical grade school principal who demands that 9-year-olds in your care sign confessions when they bring a toy to school.

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Spring Snow

It was a good day to stay inside today. Just because it’s well into Spring doesn’t mean it doesn’t want to snow in Colorado! It came down all day today, sometimes in “whiteout” conditions, piling up about 18″ (46 cm) at my house. It stopped about two hours before tonight’s newsletter went out, so I just posted an amazing photo of what happens here when it snows:

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Important Update Below

Sundays are writing day around here: it’s the day I write This is True each week. This week, I had the usual line-up of stories about stupid people doing stupid things (or, as the case may be, smart people doing stupid things!) when I came across the story of Mark Rimkufski from the weirdest state in the union, which is of course Florida.

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