Weird News Video #29 — Ruff Time in Court

Episode #29: “Ruff Day”, from True’s 21 December 2008 issue.

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Ruff Day

“I would suggest you take this more seriously,” Judge John Hurley suggested to James Herard, 19, who was in Hurley’s Broward County, Fla., courtroom to answer multiple robbery charges. Herard is part of a gang accused of a two-county string of shotgun robberies of Dunkin’ Donuts stores. Two robbery victims were shot, allegedly by Herard; one remains in critical condition. When apprised of the charges, Herard answered the judge by barking like a dog. After the judge’s admonishment, Herard barked again. “I’m going to consider your bark as an acknowledgment of what I just told you,” the exasperated judge said for the record. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel) …Once he gets to the sentencing phase, he’ll realize he was barking up the wrong tree.

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5 Comments on “Weird News Video #29 — Ruff Time in Court

  1. Proof that our court system is going to the Dogs.
    Who let the dog out?
    Junior, you be polite and snuff the judges ass.
    He’s practicing his role as bitch.
    Obviously he’s a son of a bitch.
    At least his prison meals are simple: Kibble.
    (I had better stop and let sleeping dogs lie.)

  2. Crazy like a fox. He’s just laying the groundwork for a good appeal!

    The thought did occur to me, but I doubt it’ll work. -rc

  3. I was waiting for you to say something about the sentence being in “dog years”, but your comment was much better. Thanks for the laugh.


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