Weird News Video #30 — Put a Lid On It

Episode #30: “Put a Lid On It” from True’s 28 December 2008 issue.

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4 Comments on “Weird News Video #30 — Put a Lid On It

  1. I kept waiting for a Santa hat to drop onto your head at the end there….in spite of the potential danger…

    Sorry, Donna, but the safety squad here said it was FAR too dangerous to consider. Besides: I don’t have one! -rc

  2. Well, heck, what is my $24/yr paying for if you haven’t used it to buy a Santa hat? Oh, wait, the opportunity to laugh at my fellow humans’ foibles (and say “There, but for the grace of God, go I”), to make me think, to channel my outrage into a need to act, to teach me things I didn’t know before, to wonder at the world around me, and keep me in suspense for next week’s edition. I guess with all that crammed into $24/yr, there really isn’t any money left for a Santa hat. Truly I’m’ getting my money’s worth…

    The cost of the Santa hat wasn’t a problem. Getting it here in time for the video was! It’s hard to predict the hats one’s going to need for this series! -rc

  3. Some stories can be classified “Only in America” – this one is firmly in the “Only in England” category. They have their heads so far up their butts on “health and safety” that this probably seems perfectly normal to them, so much so that many Englishpersons would read this and say yes, but so what? Of course it must be taken down, what if it blows down and… and… and… uhh… ooh, what if it lands on someone’s windscreen while he’s driving, wouldn’t that cause an accident? Ooh, dangerous, call the fire brigade right away.
    Not for nothing are they calling it the “nanny state”.

  4. This reminds me of a Salford University football (soccer) team visit to the acclaimed Cambridge university campus way back in 1978. One of our contingent was shouting out of the team coach “Get a job you geniuses!!” Apparently one of them did!


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