Weird News Video #36 — The Doctor is Out

Episode #36: “The Doctor is Out”, from True’s 8 February 2009 issue.

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The Doctor is Out

Dr. Danielle Smith was a popular veterinarian in Vineland, N.J., especially because she made house calls. But police are saying Smith is not really a trained or licensed veterinarian, and she’s not even a woman: “Smith” is actually Daniel C. Tyce, 32, and is a con man. Even the collection can “Dr. Smith” put on her office counter for an animal rescue service was fake, they say: Tyce pocketed any money left in them, and any animals “rescued” were allegedly sold on Craigslist. Tyce has been charged with practicing medicine without a license, and a detective says more charges may be pending. “She dressed like a woman, she talked like a woman,” said Andrea Cappellucci, a customer who got suspicious and eventually tipped off police. “She’s very smart,” Cappellucci said. “She’s not a stupid man — or woman, or whatever she is.” (Asbury Park Press) …Criminal history is full of smart idiots.

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  1. I’ve watched the beginning of this video about 10 times now, trying to tell if she really is surprised. I think yes. Yes?

    And you’re her sister! Becky indeed has hidden talents: that’s total acting. It was even her idea! 🙂 -rc


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